A Refresher on BetAmerica's Handicapping Contests

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D.S. Williamson

March 26th, 2016

The BetAmerica Handicapping Contests have grown substantially in terms of prize money as well as types of contests. I've actually been playing in 2 to 3 handicapping contests  a week. This is a lot less than what many other horseplayers are doing. But, for me, a guy who usually picks a single race and then rolls with it, 2 to 3 handicapping contests a week is actually pretty good.

I'm starting to play on most Saturdays and Sundays as well as picking a contest during the week. My skill level with the handicapping contests isn't where it should be. Just like regular handicapping, a horseplayer needs to increase her skill level so that at one point during her horseplaying career, she's able to handicap any type of race: maidens, stakes races, graded stakes races, and even International events.

The more contests that I've been playing in, the better my handicapping in the contests has become. I actually prefer playing in Handcuff contests. Like some other horseplayers, I have a problem second guessing myself during a contest. At times, being able to change your pick during the contest can help. This is especially true if you need to make up ground on your opponents. But, for me, I've found being able to change my picks more of a deterrent to winning anything than to making up ground on my opponents.

See below for some definition and differences regarding BetAmerica's Handicapping Contests.


$10,000 Saturday Game - I entered this contest a few weeks ago. I asked my brother, a very good handicapper, for help. Even with his help, I think I only hit 1, maybe 2, races. The $10,000 Saturday Game is easily BetAmerica's most profitable contest that they offer. It's not easy. Horseplayers have to pick winners from 12 to 13 races. The races are usually from the three most popular tracks running that day. At this time, those three tracks are Aqueduct, Gulfstream and Santa Anita. Up to 100 entrants can get into the $10,000 Saturday Game.The prizes are guaranteed. The contest is live play and multi-entry is allowed.

H2H Handicapping Contests - The entry -fee is higher for H2H Handicapping Contests. But since these are head to head, there's only one other player looking to take the pot. That's a huge advantage. For an investment of $55, you could walk away with $100. A $45 profit off of $55 is nothing to sneeze at. Most stock brokers would consider that the nuts, a poker term for the best hand on the board. From a percentage stand-point, $45 is around 82% of $55. That's a massive percentage of profit.

WTA Handicapping Contests - I've found my most success playing in WTA, or Winner Take All, contests. To me, the WTA contests for $22 to win $100 WTA is where I've played well. Usually, these contests are held to only 5 players with at least 4 players being entered for the contest to go off. I've done my best in WTA Handcuff Contests. Like I wrote above, if I get behind, I don't want the option of chasing the big winner. 9 times out of 10, I've chosen the wrong longshot in the race. Once I improve my handicapping contest skills, I'll start playing in more Live Events.

Daily Racing Contests - The prize pool for these are often times huge. For example, on most Saturday's, BetAmerica runs a 33 entry 6 popular track race contest for a prize pool of $750. Horseplayers can enter multiple times. The pool is guaranteed. Why not?


BetAmerica is revolutionizing handicapping contests. Not only does BetAmerica offer handicapping contests for horseplayers, but greyhound players and harness racing players can also get in on the racing contest action. Play the BetAmerica way by entering a handicapping contest!