Alabama Bettor Wagers $14.40 on Woodbine Super High 5 to Win $64,122.95

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

September 25th, 2015

A lot of stars aligned for Thomas from Alabama to turn $14.40 into $64,137.35 on Wednesday night betting Woodbine via

First, Thomas had to have the time to play on a Wednesday night, then he had to find a track he wanted to play, and most importantly: He needed money into his account. Earlier plays at Belmont Park and downtime on a road trip made it all happen.

“I only logged in to see if my [bets] at Belmont had hit because I wasn’t able to watch them while traveling,” Thomas said. “I logged in on my road trip, saw I had money in my account, so I thought I’d play Woodbine because I like their $.20 multi-race wagers. I had never played the Super High 5 before but decided to give it a shot. I played one ticket and decided on another, and the second one hit.”

Thomas put in an $8 before switching some numbers around on a $6.40 ticket for a total investment of $14.40. The winning 4-8-2-9-5 result returned $64,137.35.

“When I saw $60-some-thousand I almost fell on the floor; I was in complete shock. “Thomas said. “I’ve been playing horses since the mid 80s but never hit one like that before. You never know how you’ll react until it happens to you, and it was pure shock for me.”

Thomas said he had no immediate plans for the money except to take a picture of the cashier’s check and use that as a sort of trophy. Long-term he joked that he’ll have a much bigger Breeders’ Cup bankroll now and might even attend the World Championships on October 30-31 at Keeneland Race Course.