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Kelly Clark

September 9th, 2016

What a wonderful weekend of racing we have ahead of us here at bestbet Jacksonville. There is a plethora of talent waiting to take to the racetrack course and try their hands and taking home a win. Once again we will feature top grade races over all three distance, 550, 660, and 770 yards, and we will try and get you winning some too. Let’s take a closer look at the feature races, and get you cashing some tickets this weekend at bestbet Jacksonville.

Friday evening September 9th, 2016

Race 7 – Starting out over 660 we take a flyer and pick Ld Virgil Earp. You might even get a price on this greyhound as he is a little front or nothing at times, but from the 8 box he has been golden. Winning his last two starts from this post, he should be out and gone early on again here. Trying to run him down late will be the converted sprinter, and puppy stakes winner, Pat C Outbound, along with the rising 660 start Kc’s Shelly and the tough posted solid grade A recent winner, C Ville Hope. (8-6-3-5)

Race 10 – Big speed battle here on the front end as Godzilla Who, and Silver Cup winner Cj’s Colin, vie for early control of this race. Both greyhound has the skills to make the lead and wire the field on the lead, but who is going to get there on this occasion. With the empty post next to him, I like Godzilla to put up a monstrous effort once again. IE look back 4 races. Colin will push the pace throughout, but both better be wary of the closer, Lee Raven, who can come home with the best of them, and Rams Big Dan T is posted well and has not missed the money in 6 straight. (4-6-7-2)

Race 12 –  All-American time in this one as Seldom Told gets another chance to put up a stellar effort. Once again he will need to come from off the pace to get it done, and he will most likely be chasing Flying Rose early on. Rose has won back to back races, 3 in her last 4 starts, and has not missed the Quiniela in 5 straight. Breaking well, she holds on for next best at the wire once again. Others to consider in this one include the hot and cold running back to 550 missile Mac’s Melanie and the recent stakes finalists Idaho Kinky. (4-8-6-2)

Race 15 – The best closing threat over 660 is Barts Risingstar and tonight he will prove unstoppable at the wire once again. No lead is sage, and with no big time ankle burner to steal too much too soon, he will be way to close early on to deny in this effort. Besides he gets a great post too. Battling for the best of the rest crown here will be the cagey veteran, and always in the money runner, Kk Whitezin, along with the rising late driving threat Lk’s Centuria, and don’t forget about the solid grade A runner C Ville Kree on the rail. (3-7-8-1)

Saturday matinee September 10th, 2016

Race 7 – Determination will be the difference maker for Easi Charlie in this effort. No she won’t be in front early on, but she is right next to the greyhound that will be and she will have something to chase the entire way around the racetrack. Looking to stalk the pace, she will find her best stride late and come out on top at the wire. That front spot should be reserved for the speedy Ww’s Holy Grail, or the always breaking and running threat Dean A Winner from the outside. Late they will have to work to even keep in second as the late flashing threat Tony Cabrera is hot off a win and will be flying up in the final steps to put his two cents in. (1-2-8-6)

Race 11 – Arguably the fastest greyhound at the racetrack is back streaking win together, and today from a great outside post, the great run continues on. Charlie Bale is as fast as he wants to be and can run anyone down in a heartbeat if he so chooses. Recently he has been first in 4 straight and has won his last 3 by an average of about 8 lengths. No matter who is in front early on, Charlie will be in front at the wire. Julian Of Ruckus looks to be the one that is trying to say sorry Charlie in this effort. With 3 wins in 6 races and a great one box. She might be able to pull off the win tonight. Ww’s Lost Girl should be around early as well and is feeling good hot off a win last time out. Miss Marge should also be considered, that is as long as she can get in the conversation early on in this effort. (7-1-2-3)

Saturday evening September 10th, 2016

Race 7 – Ln Houdini might have not pulled off the double Hat trick in his last race, as he saw his 5 race win streak end, but from this great post, I expect him to get back on track and take home the big time W. Breaking close is all he needs in this one as the early speeders, Kc’s Todd and Ww’s Rockrevival, both can be run down from behind in the stretch. Sure if they get some help, the could wire the field on top for the win, both have done it in their last 6 races, but not against the likes of Houdini. Keep an eye out for the old girl C Ville Wynter in this race too. She won her last start and knows how to get things done around her. Just look at those 35 career wins! (3-1-8-6)

Race 11 – Just give her room to run and Real Good Feelin will dominate the race. Winning 4 of her last 6 trips, including some show stopping efforts, she is poised to do some big things again here. She mikes the midtrack to inside spots and has better late speed than anyone else in this field. Unstoppable late, looks to be the comment she is searching for at the wire tonight. Feelin will have to run down the pacesetters to score in the stretch tonight. Boc’s Andross is a monster from the one box and gets the red blanket in this effort. Craigie Testify is probably the best early speed here and you can’t overlook 5 quinielas in her last 6 races either. Both will be in the mix throughout. Late Beachin will be coming on strong to challenge too. (4-1-6-7)

Race 15 – Jumping over to the added, added, distance here, the track record holder gets her box once again. PLAY OF THE WEEKEND is HERSTAL! No greyhound has even been faster over the 770 yard course and tonight she gets her best box for the 4th time in her last 6 races. In her last two she has a pair of wins, tonight she makes it three straight victories. If anyone has a chance to beat her out it will probably be the combo of Done Dusted and C Ville C Alice. Both greyhounds have thrived over the marathon course, even though the lines might not say so. Dusted won the 770 leg of the Holiday stakes, beating the top grade A’s at the racetrack, and Alice’s 43.30 clocking is nothing to scoff at. Late Fiesta Bonker will be charging up and securing a spot in the superfecta for the 5th straight race. (8-2-6-5)

Sunday matinee September 11th, 2016

Race 11 – Knowledge is powerful and that is just what Atascocita Pirro brings to this race. Pirro has won more races than some of these greyhounds have starts and knows how to get to the wire in time to win. Breaking from a good post position, I think he gets in the conversation early on and finds a way to get up in time to take home the win once again. Rt Spicy Praline is loving the new surroundings, and wearing red, she should be tough once again in this effort. Touch To Much is better than her lines show and is always dangerous in any contest. From a good breaking spot, she could be upset minded in this effort. Don’t sleep on Ww Speed Train either. Late speed is the speed that this train possess and it will be on full display in the deep stretch on Sunday afternoon. (7-1-3-8)