BARN Roadtrip Diaries: Redding to Bakersfield, CA

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January 27th, 2016

Today was a nice 440 mile stretch but much easier than yesterday cause no mountains and it's a pretty darn straight shot from Redding, CA to Bakersfield, CA. It was super foggy from Orland, CA to Sacramento. In fact passing through Sacramento I couldn't even see the skyscrapers from the freeway which aren't too far away.

I also got to partake in one of the great traditions of California, In N Out Burger. Double-Double and a Hamburger and I was on my way.

These burgers are so not overrated!

Once I got to Bakersfield this afternoon I took a walk at a place called Panorama Park which looks over a valley. It's really quite beautiful. Bakersfield gets a bum rap and it's probably somewhat deserved, but Panorama Park is really pretty. Also it was in the low 60's and sunny, something my Seattle Self hasn't seen in months! Across the street from the park is a cemetery where I went to the grave of former WWF Wrestling great Adorable Adrian Adonis. I grew up on wrestling as a kid and still watch once in a while. But I remember reading a story about how he died very young in a car accident and was buried in Bakersfield where his family was. So I went and visited.


Adrian Adonis' grave

But one more sleep tonight then into Fabulous Las Vegas tomorrow! Sin City here I come!

Jason Beem