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Love Horse Racing but sometimes feel there's not enough fun highlighted?  We felt that way to so we created the BetAmerica Radio Network. Yourhost Jason Beem brings the radio era of horse racing into the present with podcasts released Mon-Fri every week.

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Refreshingly honest, at times irreverent, Jason muses about racing headlines and weekly racing events every weekday. From Andy Serling to Zenyatta, the BARN attracts guests from all corners of the racing world to share an inside look into our industry.
Jason Beem Host Of BetAmerica Radio NetworkAnyone can handicap a race and tell you what they think. You can spend hours going through Twitter and news headlines, reading five versions of the same stories. Human interest stories in racing? You may only find them during the Triple Crown races on network television. Open up the BARN instead and get your daily dose of racing updates, industry profiles, and spirited debates. It’s all the news that’s fit to record – and then some.

You can listen to all of the episodes of BARN from the start, on iTunes and on latest episodes.

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