Battles of the Sexes Semi-Finals

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Kelly Clark

June 23rd, 2017

The semi-finals of the 2017 Battle of the Sexes are here and all bets are off. The points are cleared out and you must show up on Saturday evening if you want a chance to make the finals and cash in with the crown. Two full races of greyhounds remain, 8 girls and 8 boys, and the top 4 finishers from each race will compete in the finals next Saturday evening, July 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. Even if you haven’t run your best in qualifying, and you snuck into this race, you still have a shot at the finals. Just show up and run and you are in. Let’s take a closer look at the races and see if we can get you cashing some tickets.

Semi-Finals of the 2017 Battle of the Sexes

Saturday evening, June 24th, 2017

Race 7 – Up first is the MALE race in the semi-finals, and is this one going to be a doozy. Clearly the greyhound to beat to the lead here again is Watch Me. Previous he has won 6 races in a row and was the early leader last time out before being passed and settling for second. Here he gets the 1 box, which he loves, and no other greyhounds in the vicinity that can break at all. This is going to look like a false start, as I expect him to steal a huge early lead on this field. Late he will need every inch of it though as the closers will be coming. The closest threat early, and for most of this effort, will be puppy stakes winner Ww Next Bigthing. Posted well outside, he is probably the 2nd best breaker in the bunch and should be chasing the pace throughout. No doubt he will be closing a bit late, just like he did last time out, but I don’t know if he can get by for the big time W or not. It is going to come down to a close finish and it might just swing in his favor at the line if everything goes right. Hard to ignore the last effort from Bang Ludwig. This only outside runner make the most of the 8 box and left Watch Me, and his 6-race win streak, in the dust in the stretch. Drawing away for fun. Bang Ludwig, show just what he can do when he wants to run. Posted on the outside again tonight, he could pull off another upset, but to do it in back to back races would be a surprise. I do expect him to close and factor in the stretch again here. Dutch Double is the last greyhound we will look at, and he too could take home the win tonight if he wants to run. He has gears to burn in the stretch, but getting out around the leader is really what he needs to do. The post is fine, he won 2 races back from next door, the real question is, does he want it or not? He hardly ever runs 2 off races in a row, so, watch out for him somewhere in the mix tonight. (1-7-3-6)

Race 11 – What the MALE race lacked in early speed, the FEMALE race more than makes up for it. When I say there is a ton of early speed here, I mean a full 2000 pounds of it. Almost any greyhound here could make the lead and turn this race on its head. Ok, so I know who I think is going to make the front end, the best breaker at the racetrack, Cj’s Sadie, but she got beat to the lead in the last race, and that came from a greyhound that is in this race as well. Back to back, no one gets her twice, and tonight I think the post is more in her favor as well. I expect to see her in front early on, but as normal, she will be no match for the big names coming home. And if you are looking for big names, well we have them too. Two stakes winners and a greyhound that won the first two rounds of this stakes event. Sprint Classic winner, Hey Hey Daddy, is the one to beat in this effort. No greyhound in the stakes is hotter, she has won her last 2 races in a row, and no greyhound in this field has the gears that she has at her disposable. She might not make the lead, but late she will be determined and get the hat trick in this effort. Providing much of the challenge should be Lorine Of Ruckus. This girl is no stranger to winner, undefeated through 2 rounds, and 4 big time w’s in her last 6 efforts. She breaks well, likes the post, and will push the pace and challenge for the win from box to wire in this effort. If that was enough, how about Ironhound winner Boc’s Queen Lady too? This greyhound always shines brightest in the spotlight of the stakes, and with 3 efforts in a row in the quiniela, including a win in round 1, she must be considered a threat once again in this effort. She likes the inside, gets a good post, and will be in the mix as well. Remember she is not short, can win at 550, 660, and 770 yards, so everyone better be wary of her in this race. Sadie will get back up late and finish somewhere behind this tremendous trio. (7-8-2-4)

The finals of this event will take place on Saturday evening July 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. Not only will be have the finals of this race, our POPULAR greyhound BINGO will be going on, where almost everyone is a winner! We will also feature 2nd chance drawings, and the start of our new wager, a second Quiniela Double in race 4 and 5 as we say goodbye to the Super-Super wager here at bestbet! Make you plans and I will see you at the races!