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Hoosier Park harness racing plays for May 19

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

May 18th, 2021

Each week, Frank Cotolo employs money-management tactics to build wagers that focus on plump profits.

For the program on May 19 at Hoosier Park, we suggest some horses for selected plays that may fit in any type of wager.

Race 3

Against this grade of competition, #6 Moose Is Loose has fought gamely but been unable to carve a trip that would work its way to a win. Considering his attempts in the last three weeks, we will toss out his May 12 failure and go with him on the strength of the two prior attempts. Doing that should give us the price we want.

Another launch from the outside does not worry us when it comes to #10 Go Randy Go. We do not see a reason to abandon support based on his loss last week. He’ll be in the mix or he will surprise all and pay big winning from the fans’ most unlikely spot.

Race 5

It is hard to fault the trials of #4 DD’s Big Joe in the recent two months of his racing at Hoosier. Even so, the morning line comes up 8-1. In his last two races, the public has been more cruel, as he finished third and first, respectively, at 27-1 and 16-1. It is probably due to his step up from non-winners of one between the two, but we cannot agree, since a marked improvement from his freshman campaign is obvious. In this race, the Rockin Image sophomore should be measured as a major contender and saying that now makes us adore the 8-1 prediction, hoping it is correct as a gift to backers.

Lightly raced so far, #6 Pey Bug is in good shape and is certainly ready to hit the board again, as he did last week at 46-1.

Race 8

It is quite forgiving to toss out the last effort by #1 The Fourth Estate. Jumping at the start with no attempt at returning to gait is only a sign of the moment, not the history of the horse. He was one of the crowd’s top choices and for a good reason - one that survives handicapping the Guccio gelding in this race. The other is price.

Okay, so #5 Lincoln Tunnel is the obvious favorite. Oddly enough, it is his sire who had the stride problem and passed it on to progeny. The remarkable strength of Manofmanymissions was as mighty as his fault—staying flat. This gelding looks as if he has conquered the negative inheritance but he earns his keep finishing second and third. Certainly at 4-5 any bet on him to win is tenuous.

Race 9

Last week we confidently supported #10 Feeling Like A Ten in his first pari-mutuel start. If you watch that race you probably thought at the three-quarters we were new to handicapping. Such doubt should have been thoroughly crushed watching the final quarter, where he moved too late but not a moment too soon considering it was his first race. Here he comes again and we must remember that he has speed and could very well use it to surprise bettors early or this time catch whomsoever is breathing heavily in the long stretch. A good price as well as a good performance is expected.

Speaking of first-time starters, take seriously #1 Shock Wave, the Riggins gelding that knows no fear - yet - after a terrific prep in a qualifier.

Race 13

Melissa Essig’s #8 Brookview Bluto is forgiven for last week’s dismal approach to competition. The claiming tag is gone this time, which for one thing means someone in charge does not care to lose this Bluto gelding. We understand, so we toss that race out and stand by our comments last week that supported the trotter for a win.

On his way to a win, #6 Italian Grit jumped at Northfield while being the favorite. He regained his stride to keep us interested this week. Coming from Northfield should not be considered negative. Last week the shipping move fooled Hoosier bettors when Atlantic Star brought his uneven stride across state lines, won and paid at 37-1.