New Handicapping Pages View: Horse Info


BetAmerica is always finding new ways to make the handicapping experience easier for our players.

How do I access the different handicapping views?

By clicking on the dropdown menu, you can choose from one of seven levels of detail to help you make better betting choices.

What is the Horse Info view?

If you like to bet with detailed breeding information, plus age, sex and color ~ this is the view for you.

How do I use Horse Info handicapping view to win?

  • State or Country of Breeding (located next to the horse's name) is helpful because horse's born in certain states are considered more valuable and there has been an increase in incentives for various state-bred programs in recent years, causing a spike in foals born and added purse benefits to the owners and breeders. For reference: according to the Jockey Club Fact Book, 34% of the registered Thoroughbred foals in 2012 were born in Kentucky, 9.6% in Florida, 8% in California and Louisiana, and 6.6% in New York. Given the influx of top stallions and mares to New York the last two years, it's a safe bet that the figure will be much higher once new statistics are released.
  • Pedigree information like sire and dam (father and mother) can be useful in that genetics can be a good indicator of a horse's potential success.
  • Age can be helpful because a lot of times the older horses do have the experience edge.
  • A horse's sex or gender can be a useful piece of information because a horse can be higher strung than a gelding (a castrated horse); similarly a filly (a young female horse) can be more flighty than a more seasoned mare.
  • Color is fun to use as a handicapping tool if you like to play a certain coat hue. Many people have made good money using "I only play the grays" as a betting strategy.
click image to see a screenshot of the Horse Info  handicapping view