New Handicapping Pages View: Trainer Stats


BetAmerica is always finding new ways to make the handicapping experience easier for our players.

How do I access the different handicapping views?

By clicking on the dropdown menu, you can choose from one of seven levels of detail to help you make smarter betting choices.

What is the Trainer Stats view?

If you like to bet with detailed information on how the trainer's charges have been performing ~ this is the view for you.

How do I use Trainer Stats handicapping view to win?

  • Last 365 with Jockey is the trainer's record with the jockey over the last year. Just like some quarterbacks will have their favorite receivers to throw to, trainers will have their favorite jockeys. A high percentage jockey/trainer combination is usually the result of good chemistry and shared work ethic. This column gives you the number of starts the pair have had, their win percentage and the return-on-investment if you had bet the combination (based on a $2 stake). The more starts the duo has, usually the more confident a trainer is in that rider. The higher the win percentage, the better. And a high ROI shows just how lucrative betting on them can be.
  • Last 365 All Races is the trainer's record with all starters over the last year. This information is helpful because some barns just win more races than others based on the caliber of stock, training methods, and the circuit they race on.
  • Last 365 On Surface is the trainer's record with starters on the surface the race is carded on. Some trainers have a knack for turf runners, others in dirt sprints. And having the inside track on a trainer's strengths can mean more winning bets for you.
  • Last 30 All Races is the trainer's record with starters over the last month. Like all athletes and coaches, trainers will have win streaks and slumps, so this statistic is helpful to see who might be on a hot streak.
click image to see a screenshot of the Trainer Stats handicapping view