Bios 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic

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Kelly Clark

August 1st, 2016

Daddy Hey Hey Daddy – (66 Points) OP Career Totals (41/18-9-4-3) Bk – F August 2013 Tmc’s Remedy – Need A Date Owned By – Tina Williams Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel Trained by Craig Edwards

Many thought that the DQ Williams Kennel might have the leader in points heading into the finals, but I bet none of them thought that the greyhound would be Hey Hey Daddy. Sure she might not be what was expected, but she earned those points and should be respected in this final round race. Making quick work of the fields in the first two rounds, Hey Hey Daddy was the only undefeated runner heading into the quarter-finals. She didn’t rest on her laurels though as she saw the streak come to an end with a hard closing 3rd, and then rebounded in the semi-finals with a huge 8 length romp to finish as the only greyhounds to win three qualifying rounds. Daddy made the most of her 2nd attempt at stakes racing as she made it all the way to the finals and was the point leader for this stakes. Daddy has an impressive break, but what makes her so dangerous is that she can win from off the lead as well. Once in front it gets ugly for the competition. Just look at his pair of wins by 8 lengths in qualifying, it doesn’t get much better than that. Daddy is the first of two entries in this final for the DQ Williams Kennel, the other one is her sister, and she has a lot of history to live up to. Since returning this year, DQ has yet to win a major stakes race. They have too many to count from their previous time here, and with all the talent they have in their kennel, it probably is just a matter of time before they get back into the winner’s circle at bestbet Jacksonville. Post position could go a long way to help her out in this effort as she just loves the 8 box and the outside part of the racetrack. In her 6 races from this post, she has 4 wins, 5 quinielas, and she has never run out of the money. Breaking will matter to her a bit, and if she comes to run, they will have a hard time keeping her from getting the crown in this effort. 


 Ln Houdini – (53 Points) Career Totals (70/18-8-7-10) W BK – M November 2013 Vee Man Vane* – RFB In Misery Owned By – Kenneth Lane Runs for the Double J Kennel Trained by Chris Maynard

No big surprise to see Ln Houdini in another stakes final after he was the winner of the 2016 $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup earlier this year. This greyhound really gives his all in his races and made the most of some advantageous posts in qualifying. Winning two of the rounds and backing that up with a strong 2nd in the semi-finals and a trouble ridden 5th in the second round, he gets to his second stakes final in 4 attempts for the Double J Kennel. Houdini’s running style is around the early lead and once he gets his nose in front he is extra tough to take down. He can really run the rabbit off on a field if he is clear early and that was never more on display that his 8 length win in round 1, which just happened to be the fastest time on the card. There he was in instant control of the race and made it look too easy as he crossed the wire. Helping him of course was the post position in that effort. He started from the 8 box and that is just right where he wants to be. He loves it wide, but he can run from the rail on occasion too. Breaking well will also factor in this race as he is much better when he is stalking the leaders in the early stages. Can he pull another rabbit out of his hat in this final and take home the sprint sweep on the year? We will find out on Saturday evening.

AndrossFBoc’s Andross – (52 Points) Career Totals (40/7-7-6-4) F – F July 2014 Kc And All – Boc’s Coleena Owned By – Brad Boeckenstedt Runs for the J & J Calabro Kennel Trained by Randall Graham

Talk about stepping up when you needed to. That is just what Boc’s Andross did in her semi-final round race. Don’t get me wrong, she has been a competitor for the entire time that she has been at bestbet Jacksonville, and was showing that off in the rounds, but she lacked the win and the 19 points needed to secure herself in the finals. After a pair of seconds and a third place finish in the first 3 rounds of qualifying, Boc’s Andross bombed to the early lead in the semi-finals and never looked back. She held tough all the way to the finish line and scored the ever elusive win she needed to join the elite 8 on Saturday evening. In her 2nd attempt at stakes racing competition, she made it all the way to the finals for the J & J Calabro Kennel. The key to her success in this race will be her break. In all of her wins, except one, she held the lead at the first turn. On occasion, she is short in the stretch as well with the lead, so if she is going to win this one, she needs to steal a lead from the get go. Post position could aide in her effort as well. She loves the edges of the racetrack, you know the 1, 2, 7, and 8, but might just prefer the 8 box over all of them if she had to wish. Surely a sleeper in this field, she might still have something to prove to everyone in this final round field. All she has to do is show up, beat the box, and you never know what could happen.

PRettyBabyHey Pretty Baby – (50 Points) OP Career Totals (62/8-12-14-11) R – F August 2013 Tmc’s Remedy – Need A Date Owned By – Tina Williams Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel Trained by Craig Edwards

Hey Pretty Baby gets the designation as the other DQ Williams entry in this final, but you better not sleep on her in any effort. This tremendous closer won 2 of the 4 qualifying rounds and backed that up with a 3rd and a 5th place finish to find herself in her first final in her first ever attempt at stakes racing competition. Her biggest effort came in the quarter finals. There she broke slowly, rushed up into the middle of the pack around the turn and up the backside. By the far turn, her engine was getting all revved up and in the stretch there was no stopping her. Powering by in the deep stretch, she not only passed the leaders, she drew away before the finish line to secure the win. The sister to Hey Hey Daddy, out of the tremendous mom Need A Date, see Need My Moneynow and Seldom Told, Hey Pretty Baby is more of the DQ greyhounds of old. BIG TIME CLOSERS! This little girl and run down almost anyone in this race, but she will need room early to rush if she wants a chance at the W. A good post position would go a long way in helping her out. So where does she want to be? OUTSIDE! From the 7 and 8 boxes she runs her best with the added room. Tonight against this talented field, she must not be too far behind early, or the belated drive will be for not! Coming out in the conversation is a must if she wants to put DQ back on top in a final.

SammyWw’s Sammy – (48 Points) Career Totals (98/29-19-11-10) R F – F November 2013 Bella Infrared – Ww Kay Sun Owned By – Julia Ward Runs for Red Oak Racing Trained by Kelly Rowell

What more can you say about Ww’s Sammy then, BEEN THERE DONE THAT! This greyhound made her 3rd stakes final in her 5th attempt for Red Oak Racing, and unlike some of the others, she has not missed the money in her previous two other final round appearances. With a 2nd in the 2015 bestbet Juvenile, and a 3rd in the 2016 James J Patton Silver Cup, Sammy knows how to get things done. Just like she did in qualifying. Winning 2 of the rounds, finishing 3rd in another, and 7th in the last, she cemented a spot into this final round field. Her most impressive win came in the quarter-finals as she broke on top, padded her lead throughout and left the field in her dust at the wire. Sammy is an all-out runner that does her best when she is close to the early lead. At times she can run hot and cold, but most of the chilly efforts come when she sits in the box and is not in contention from the start. Tonight in another talented stakes final, she will need to break well, and a great post position could make the difference for her here. No doubt about where she wants to start this race from, THE RAIL! Sammy loves it there and has put up more wins from these post than any other that she has competed from. In her last 6 races from the red blanket, she has won 5 times. Showing up big when she needs to, Sammy is still searching for that unattainable goal, a stakes win. With yet another try at the cash and crown tonight, she must be first from the box if she wants to take home the title at the wire.

CharlieBaleCharlie Bale – (46 Points) OP Career Totals (46/21-7-6-6) R BD – M November 2013 Lonesome Cry – Manyara Bale* Owned By – Lester Raines Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel Trained by Mike Gerard

Charlie Bale might just be the biggest name here that final gets a chance to run in a stakes final. Charlie missing in his first attempt for the Lester Raines Kennel, but did better here with a win, a second, a third, and a fourth place finish. Always closing and always around the money, he rarely ever finishes out of the superfecta. His problem recently is that he has not been getting up in time to win like he has in the past. Arguably the best closer at the RACETRACK, Charlie put that on display in his only win in qualifying. Breaking in the middle of the pack, Charlie found a way through the first turn after a bit of a bump and set his sights on the leaders up the backside. Gaining on them with every stride he took, by the far turn he had passed them all except one, and that domino would fall in the stretch. Shifting gears late, he blew by the leader and made it look way to easy in the final few steps. Charlie is as fast as he wants to be, but he cannot get too far behind early on here against this tough field if he wants a good chance to win. He doesn’t have to be in the lead, just around the leaders and have room to run outside. Speaking of outside, that is where this greyhound wants to start this race from. He is a complete monster at times from the wide posts, see his 30.06 race from the 8 box, and could be again in this final. If he gets loose and wants to run, I don’t know if any greyhound in this field can hold him off at the wire.

IdahoKinkyIdaho Kinky – (44 Points) OP Career Totals (15/7-3-2-0) F – M August 2013 Kiowa Mon Manny – Idaho Scooter Owned By – Gary Heinzle Runs for Clear Lakes Racing Trained by Jim Rae

I’m sure that Clear Lakes Racing was hoping on a greyhound in the finals after they won this race last year with Cj’s Colin, but Idaho Kinky was most likely not the greyhound they though would end up making it here. Kinky has been a solid riser for the kennel since coming here from Southland, but nothing too flashy. Sure a win here and there and a climb from D to A, but a stakes finalist, most didn’t see it coming. To his credit he posted up a pair of wins in a pair of 5th place finishes, where he ran into trouble in both, and used that to make it into this final round field on Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville. Kinky does possess a solid break and a good closing kick at the end of the race and that is what he used to steal away the wins in qualifying. His best start came in the semi-finals as he broke with the pack and just kept on coming. Chasing the leaders to the far turn, he inched his way closer and closer and down the stretch he turned on the charm. Digging in deep he powered by the frontrunner at the wire to take away the slim win and chain up a spot in the finals. With only a few races under his belt here, 15, he has just a limited amount of races to pull from, but it looks like he wants to start this one from extreme edges of the racetrack. He has had great success from the 1 and 8 boxes, with a slight advantage to the rail. Clearly over his head experience wise in stakes and on the racetrack, Kinky will have to find a way to escape close early on, if he wants a chance to come home a winner at the wire.

lostgirlWw’s Lost Girl – (43 Points) Career Totals (133/28-24-11-19) BK – F Dec 2012 Gale Ww Wanika – Ww Comet Gone Owned By – Julia Ward Runs for the Steve Sarras Kennel Trained by Natasha Nemeth

The early speed machine stole enough on the front end to back her way into the finals of the 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic. With a win, a second, a third and a fading 5th place finish, Ww’s Lost girl finally made it to the finals of a stakes race for the Steve Sarras Kennel in her 4th attempt. Clearly she is the best early speed greyhound in this race and will be firing for the front end from the moment the box opened. Just like she did in her second round effort. There she took instant command of the race. Dashing off to an early 3 length lead, she cruised around the racetrack on the front end, and survived a late stretch charge to take home the victory. Lost Girl has really battled back as of late and has gotten her break and timing down at the right moment for this stakes. The big question as always is can she hold on late and take down this talented field at the finish? I don’t know the answer to that, but a good starting box would go a long way in helping her make them all work if they want to beat her out. She runs best when she gets room to rush and that comes from the edges of the racetrack. The 1, 2, 7, 8 are the boxes she wants to see most, but if she breaks likes she can, she can see the lead from any post position. Winning here might be a stretch, but if you make the front end, they have to come and get you. With a little help behind her, she might be the longshot every