Bl Warlock Wins Redemption

Profile Picture: Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark

October 6th, 2016

In our most recent stakes event, the 2016 Redemption Stakes, the best two greyhounds at the racetrack were looking to cash in on the title. All-American Seldom Told was outed early on the last stakes event and Charlie Bale made the finals and just missed. Both were looking to cash in on some redemption in this one and everyone was banking on it happening. Both were key favorites in this effort, but as the fates allow, it was not meant to be.

It’s post time, the lead-out’s ran back to their spots, the lure rumbled through the far turn, and then the box popped open and we were racing in the finals of the 2016 Redemption Stakes. Coming out best was Julian Of Ruckus from the rail, but she had some company right away in the first few strides. Seldom Told and Bl Warlock also broke well and this trio looked for control as they rushed out of the shoot and onto the straight away. Seizing command after the first few strides was Bl Warlock. Getting his nose in front, he was digging in to a strong position as Seldom Told and Jilian Of Ruckus both chased the leader to the turn. Here is where it got a bit more interesting. Warlock continued on in the lead, but as Seldom Told looked to round the corner, Jilian Of Ruckus collided with him and sent him flying wide across the racetrack. Trying to get back in the mix, he rebounded again and moved inside and was bumped again, this time by Kc’s Todd, and pretty much took him out of contention to win this effort. Unaffected of the trouble behind him, Bl Warlock continued to cruise on the front end and was in full command of this race, as Jilian Of Ruckus continued to prompt the pace. By the far turn he was breezing on the lead, but the race was not over just yet. The other redemption trying greyhound was starting to make his patented late run. Charlie Bale had come from 6th at the first turn to pick up 3 greyhounds and put himself in a position to contend as they turned for home. Driving by Jilian with ease, Charlie swung out wide and set his sights on the leader. Gaining with every step he took. Charlie was all out in the deep stretch as Bl Warlock tried his best to get to the wire for the win. Closer and closer this duo got as they took the final few steps of this effort and after the smoke cleared, the photo was processed, Charlie was the best man once again. Just missing in another final, Bl Warlock’s lead proved just too much for him to make up in this effort.

Congratulations head out to Bl Warlock, owner Bj’s Greyhounds, Kennel Owner Jim Blanchard, Trainer Traci Chase, and everyone else connected with this rising star here at bestbet Jacksonville. Still just a pup, he should have many more good races ahead of him here. Don’t forget the name as he could continue to post up more stellar efforts, and wins, in the future.