Breeders Crown Elims At Hoosier Enthuse Punters For Prices

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

October 21st, 2020

The Breeders Crown (BC) eliminations have arrived. Hoosier Park, Indiana, hosts them on Oct. 23rd and 24th and the divisional championship finals next week. The BC action is supplemented with Grand Circuit action at Philly and our never-ending TwinSpires’ horses-to-watch (H2W) list, reflecting opportunities in harness satellite events.


At Philly’s Oct. 22 afternoon program you can bet some of the two-year-olds that are not in the two-week BC contests. There are five Simpson events. Here are our suggested contenders on the quintet in order of their appearance on the program.

Colt trot ($56k)
Of course we are interested in the Googoo Gaagaa boy Googoo On Stage, along with a bet-back shot with Jack Fire.

Colt pace ($36k)
Tim Twaddle could have a live one with Aime Hanover, a Betting Line colt who was close first time out in only two starts.

Colt trot ($55k)
Outsider Ceffyl DWR should improve and be off the bettors’ radar.

Colt pace ($36k)
Captain Fancy could have been in a BC elim but chose to face four he may be able to beat easily in a Simpson.

Colt pace ($36k)
Let’s bet-back Billy Clyde, an Always B Miki colt we thought would drop into the BC box and will be a price here.


All BC elims are worth $25,000 each. Friday, Oct. 23 features two-year-old elims and three-year-old filly elims. We comment on the elims per divisions, so check your racing program for race numbers.

Two-year-old colt pace—elim 1
A Hoosier regular, Lewayne Miller, trains and drives JK Going West, a son of JK Endofanera, a sire doing very well this season. So is this guy, coming off of two wins where he beat the public. He need only be as good as Southwind Gendry, probable race favorite here.

Two-year-old colt pace—elim 2
Abuckabett Hanover comes off of two difficult trips. As favorite in the Metro, he faded on the overland route, as the other public choices also gave way to a longshot with a guarded trip. He will be deeply in the mix here, even as Perfect Sting gets most of the win money. Also in gear is Always A Miki, who was third for us twice at Hoosier and is beginning to show some smart stuff.

Two-year-old filly pace—elim 1
Two win-happy fillies are included in this seven-filly field, but we have good reason to go with Nancy Takter’s Caviart Audrey. She has two good excuses coming into this—one was a second-placed-first “Great Lady” finish and the second a meeting with the scourge Test Of Faith, who beats everything she meets. She leaves between the two speedballs (and probable choices) Fire Start Hanover and Somethingbeautiful, which is a good spot for her style if those two hammer each other for the lead.

Two-year-old filly pace—elim 2
Nashville Elgenna is an Always B Miki filly with only two starts, both wins. Here she is tested against her division’s best. We might only know how good she is in this situation and we may only get the best price from her if she is as good as these. She is bred to rock and could steal this to take her place among the big girls.

Two-year-old colt trot—elim 1
Marcus Melander’s babies have been quiet compared to last year. Then there is In Range, a Bar Hopping son from a Windsong’s Legacy mare. Top breeding there and aside from some miscues, In Range has been on the money and could pay off well here.

Two-year-old colt trot—elim 2
This is a contentious group, led by the freaky Captain Corey, unbeaten son of pacer Googoo Gaagaa. This is his real test, though, against the likes of Venerate (who has only lost twice due to galloping) and an erratic Melander colt, Dancinginthedark M. The latter could be the best price against the obvious aforementioned and though he lost to Venerate, it was Dancinginthedark M who did the breaking. Smooth here, he is immeasurable—for the good.

Two-year-old filly trot—elim 1
It certainly is tough to go against Donna Soprano, who worked hard in the Mohawk Million, only to be passed by Venerate, who had no problems at all and another turn in his stride left. Hopefully, the crowd will lean on Iteration and Donna Soprano can beat her at a decent price.

Two-year-old filly trot—elim 2
We have followed Julie Miller’s Pub Crawl for good returns. When this Bar Hopping filly is in trouble, she finds a way out, and when she is on top, she stays there one way or the other. We expect an aggressive attempt no matter where she is when she leaves and a price to boot.

Three-year-old filly trot—elim 1
This is a great race to decide to play a very good horse at a probable price no one would have imagined a few months back. Of course I mean Sister Sledge. Excuses abound for her defeats in some of the division’s biggest affairs. It is that kind of aggression that could put her on top here, where the footing s is not so consistent in her foes.

Three-year-old filly trot—elim 2
Now that we know Ramona Hill has a Kryptonite kink in her stride, it is still dangerous to toss her out here. I suggest watching this race because on stride she blows these away with little return, but we do not have a clue how she will like or dislike Indiana limestone.

Three-year-old filly pace—elim 1
There are only six in this elim, but one is Party Girl Hill. What do you do? She has beaten them all from every angle at every track she met them. If you must try to beat her, take your shot with Reflect With Me. She has had a few awkward miles but remains the sharp gal she was when swiping these types in August.

Three-year-old filly pace—elim 2
Tired yet? Neither is Hen Party, who can be forgiven for her recent two trips and has been underrated in both. The Roll With Joe filly may again be underrated against these and deliver a winning, well-paying mile.


All BC elims are worth $25,000 each. Saturday, Oct. 24 features three-year-old colt pacer and trotter elims and the single mares pacing elim. We comment on the elims per divisions, so check your racing program for race numbers.

Three-year-old colt pace—elim 1
This is the field, finally, that Allywag Hanover can defeat. Certainly, the crowd will not give him the chances he deserves against the lower echelon of this division. He has raced with better and will race better than these, especially the lowly “Jug” characters of 2020.

Three-year-old colt pace—elim 2
Who will challenge and possibly get a nose in front of Tall Dark Stranger? None have come close, especially the Jug rejects here, with the possible exception of Sandbetweenmytoes, who stunned the likes of them in a Jug elim and is better than the Jug final winner.

Three-year-old colt trot—elim 1
Some Indiana ilk take a shot at the big and best of this division but they hardly have a chance. Still, they have their fans at the homebase and that could put a few more dollars on the best boy here—Ready For Moni. Forget the Ky Futurity, it was an anomaly (as it has been over the years), Takter’s trotter will take dead aim and hit the target. Play Trix On Me will play a role in this, for sure, and is the surprise upset character.

Three-year-old colt trot—elim 2
The other misfortunate futurity choice, Back Of The Neck, should also rebound well after a break, but he may be a much better price if the crowd looks favorably toward Amigo Volo, the Ky Futurity winner by default. New to the division here is Hillexotic and Maesteraemon, the latter a Melander invader and the upset factor.

Mares pace elim
From the outside, Shartin N and Kissin In The Sand may make it into the final but can be a few feet short of winning this solo elim, especially if pushed farther by Warrawee Ubeat. This is why we have no problem deciding to back Caviart Ally, with regards to Treacherous Reign, as two that might save enough ground to get the best of them for now.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and confirm the wagers available at the prescribed track. H2W offers possible contenders researched from reviewing races. Horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track with the date of their race and the race number (R6 ) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it appears on the list for the second time (horses are listed twice only if, at first, they failed to win. An “ae” signals also-eligible. Types of wagers to make are based on your judgment.


10/24/20, Chumlee A R1; +Brunello N R4; Sure Please R6

10/24/20, +Deweydiddonegood R2; +Persistent Threat A R12

10/24/20, +Victorydaze Wilwin R1; +Wicked Business R3

10/22/20, Fortify R3; Sermon R4; Genie Rockwell R10
10/24/20, +Dune Dame R14

10/24/20, +Alkippe R13

10/23/20, Fomor R1; Artifact Hanover R9; Classicality R11

10/22/20, +Redemptionbluechip R6; +College Hanover R9

10/24/20, +Boots Off R11

10/23/20, +On The Tab R6
10/24/20, Tellem R2

10/22/20, +Sweet Tea R9

10/22/20, JJ Shark R4; Betterlatethnnever R6
10/23/20, Rollingndiamonds R6; Lioness Hanover R10
10/25/20, +Okolica R1

10/24/20, Hatikvah R5; Macheasy R7; Blood Line R13

10/26/20, Betterlatethnnever R6

10/23/20, +Show The Fashion R6
10/24/20, Grand Priority R3; American Mercury R6