Cheering your favorites home

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Ed DeRosa

July 23rd, 2013

As the below video illustrates, there is no shortage of ways to cheer your favorite horse home when watching them race.

Unless I'm cheering for the number two horse (affectionately known as "the deuce") then I find myself most typically cheering for jockeys to get my horse home. In anticipating a close finish, I will plant my feet but lean with the rest of my body in the direction of the wire while making a sound that most resembles an elongated ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to a crescendo of either jubilation or dejection depending on the outcome.

There will (hopefully) be much to cheer for on Wednesday when carryovers totaling more than $500,000 headline afternoon racing coast to coast. First there is the $245,278 Pick 6 carryover at Saratoga then there's the $238,499 Pick 6 and $46,740 Super High 5 carryovers at Del Mar. If that's not enough by the end of the day there's a $6,223 Pick ("Win") 4 carryover at Assiniboia Downs.

If picking 6 winners isn't your thing but show wagering is then check out week 2 of Summer Showdown, which is on Saratoga races this week after gave away $7,500 to seven winners last week. Six people swept cards Thursday-Saturday while the seventh winner on Sunday won $1,500 by virtue of lasting the longest. If nobody sweeps the card on Wednesday (or Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday) at Saratoga, then each day's pool carries over. Sundays are must-win days, and the pool pays out to whoever lasts longest.

Good luck to all those playing in any capacity on a big hump day! May your cheering horses home be followed by a dance to the withdraw button.