‘Crown’ Alumni Charge At Hoosier, Meadowlands’ Kindergartens

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October 31st, 2019

The Breeders Crown (BC) finals are in the books, but some of the super horses involved may race again in the next two months. Enter November and the scattered few stakes left in North America. We have key races to help us—all Breeders Crown finals include horses you will see endorsed on this blog when they race again this season. It all starts below..

All of that is here in the contents, along with our TwinSpires’ horses-to-watch (H2W) list. Check the H2W for promising contenders offering winners and on-the-board finishers helping to pump up exotics in crucial exotic-ticket spots.


On Nov. 1, Hoosier presents four of its annual post-Breeders Crown (BC) features. As we are keeping close watch on all BC performers continuing to race after last week’s gala Woodbine/Mohawk lineup, the Hoosier quartet of high-purse fields presents a few BC warriors we must endorse.

The $120,000 Crossroads of America gathers soph-filly trotters. From the BC comes the obvious choice and most-likely winner, The Ice Dutchess. Nancy Johansson’s filly won a BC elim and came back the next week to pick up third in the final as the co-favorite. Look no further for a winner as she drops into a class far softer than the BC group.

From last week’s Circle City division at Hoosier, we put Aunt Rose in the exotic mix. She raced well at 6-1, getting third and could suck along easily leaving here from the rail.

The $120,000 USS Indianapolis Memorial sends soph-filly pacers to post. From the division’s BC final comes fourth-finisher Sunny Dee. She beat six fillies that made it to the final with more fanfare and picked up a bigger check in the end. It was a flashy performance, including two moves at 18-1.

Again, from a Circle City, is a worthy exotic partner and again, it’s a filly trained by Johansson. JK American Beauty may actually wind up with lower odds than Sunny Dee but it is our decision to keep Sunny Dee on top. Also, from another Circle City comes an exotic partner, if you go that deep, Lady Capulet.

Glamour-boy trotters adorn the field of the $220,000 Carl Erskine stakes, which could wind up offering a bunch for a BC visitor in a field that offers two others coming from the Gimpanzee-won final.

Insisting upon being in the final, Chin Chin Hall swept to second in the elim at huge odds. In the final he faced the toughest this division offered all season and finished fourth—a big accomplishment at 41-1. He is blossoming late and should be better than the two others in the “Erskine” he beat in the BC final—Don’t Letem and Pilot Discretion.

Toss in the element of Swandre The Giant and you may find Chin Chin Hall at an enormously appetizing price compared to what the public will measure them. By keeping Chin Chin Hall atop all exotics in combos with the others we have deemed the best of the lot may engage you to a hefty collection of cash.

The $225,000 Monument Circle is for the glamour-boy pacers and it offers two BC boys mixed with some popular locals. Air Force Hanover is finally facing colts he can handle easily and could even wire this batch. As well, the highly overrated De Los Cielos Deo could follow him across the wire for a dead-on exacta.


The Meadowlands hosts two-year-old finals for each sex and gait on Nov. 2. The Kindergarten finals are worth $171--$250k-plus each.

The colt trot features BC breaker Back Of The Neck. Marcus Melander’s Ready Cash son was bet well but skipped badly and was eliminated. He deserves the top spot here off that miscue and should offer a decent price considering some other top names and earners.

There are 10 in the filly trot, one returning from Canada in a BC final—Dip Me Hanover. She finished sixth in 10 to our big BC winning choice, Ramona Hill. “Dip” leaves from post 10, so she may be left out of the top two public choices, resulting in a very good price for the class drop.

The Kindergarten filly pace goes off with 10, one of which is Marloe Hanover. At 55-1, she finished third to the BC final’s 27-1 winner—and only by a neck. Everyone should catch this, but the field’s face value looks tighter than the huge class drop for “Marloe,” so she may offer more than she deserves.

The colt pace completes the “kids’” quartet and delivers our last BC final rebounder—Major Betts. At 33-1, he may have faired better had he not raced amid the disturbances that resulted in the winner, Papi Rob Hanover, being placed second for interference. Though Major Betts was not re-placed, he was behind the second matter of disqualification that placed Capt Midnight fourth from finishing fifth. The Meadowlands field is a few steps down in class and smooth sailing should give the “Major” a winning trip. He may still be worth the bet as the favorite; it’s your call.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires.

11/1/19, Ticket To Seattle R9
11/2/19, +Raylan Givens R11
10/31/19, +Southern Swagger R2
11/1/19, +Velocity Lana R11

10/31/19, +Lonewolf Currier R8; +Mac Raider R11

11/1/19, Fox Valley Gemini R2; Fritas Shooter R3

11/1/19, The Lady Sheriff R4
11/2/19, Duddies Lor R5; +Bravo Tex N R7; +Quality Bud R9

11/1/19, Cass Delight Rock R7; Kissmydanceshoes R11

10/31/19, +Stans Back Again R2; Artfully Dealt R5
11/2/19, +Bad Medicine R3; +Yankee Moonshine R11; +Get Your Armor R 15

11/1/19, +On The Tab R11; Maddison Ivy R13

10/31/19, Hi Ho Steverino R2; Casimir Lawman R4; BJ Rowdy R9

10/31/19, +Sally De Vie R6; +Pretty Image R8

11/1/19, Amityville Lindy R6; Rocknroll Captain R7

Western Fair
11/1/19, Regal Mac R2; Shadow Trainer R5; Stoney Durkin R8

10/31/19, +March Awareness R1; +Skyway Kon Man R2
11/1/19, Lazurus R2; Showmeyourguns R2; Do Over Hanover R5; Rockin The Boys R9