Daughter's Pet Daisy Helps Player to $862,495 Score

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

August 31st, 2015

A player used to wager $24,192 into the Pick 6 on Sunday at Saratoga Race Course and cashed for $886,687—$831,237 as one of only two perfect tickets plus $55,450 for 25 consolation (5/6) payouts worth $2,218 each for a profit of $862,495.

“I wasn’t going to go to the Breeders’ Cup, but this gives me the itch to go see it live,” the bettor said about how he might spend some of his winnings.

The bet made through was all on a single ticket that used 8 horses in the first leg, six horses in the second leg, seven horses in the third leg, three horses in the fourth leg, four horses in the fifth leg, and three horses in the final leg.

And in dramatic fashion, that final leg was the closest of the sequence with a horse the player did not have finishing second. In fact, the 11th race was won by the final addition to the ticket with the runner-up being the last horse off.

“When I do my Pick 6 tickets I like to come back to them and often when I add horses it’s in the last leg,” the bettor said. “It was between #7 Killarney Rose and #5 Daisy Cutter. I thought Killarney Rose could run well but couldn’t see her winning. Daisy Cutter I owe to my daughter because her favorite pet name for her horse is Daisy, so I decided to add the 5 to the ticket.”

Adding Daisy Cutter increased the cost of the ticket by $8,064, but it paid off to the tune of more than $800,000.

After watching the first two races of the sequence from home, the bettor watched the third leg via the mobile app while running an errand. Not wanting to mess up with his mojo, he watched the final three legs via the app as well, even letting a threesome on the golf course play through his solo outing.

“Why would a golfer who’s alone let a threesome play through? When you’re alive in the Pick 6 of course!”

Among this player’s horse racing goals is to qualify for the National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas, and he has taken the first step by qualifying for the Online Handicapping Series Championship in November.