Defend The Title! Which Palm Beach Racers/Alumni Can Win The Next National Dog Show?

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Jason Michael

November 25th, 2016

*Best In Show Gia The Greyhound*

Move over Terriers, Cocker Spaniel's, Boxers and (*gulp*) Poodles....the world just discovered that the greyhound is here to take over.

Grand Cru Giaconda or simply Gia The Greyhound took home the Best In Show Title at the 15th Annual Purina National Dog Show this week in Philadelphia, setting off a pride movement across the globe on social media for the amazing greyhounds.  Even people that could give two poos about dog shows usually stood up and cheered as their favorite breed took home this title.

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What is amazing about this win is show dogs have to have the showmanship and patience when in these competitions.  If you've ever known a greyhound, you know most of them under 4 years old can't sit still for longer then 2 seconds.  That's why we need to call in the veterans along with current racers.

Now that the greyhound has broken through on the national level, we can't stay satisfied with being a one hit wonder.  Lets repeat!  I think there is some notable Palm Beach racers and alumni that can help.  Here's the best show dogs that could compete in the 2017 version of the show next Thanksgiving from "The Beach."

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"The Queen Of Palm Beach" JS SpeedyPebbles

Out of all the greyhounds I've ever met throughout the years, this one is the most regal of them all. Pebbles has always been one that loved the spotlight and posed for the camera.  If she wasn't so darn fast, she could have totally made a career of winning dog shows.

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With that glowing fire red coat and perfect physique, Pebbles is the best alumni to keep the dog show trophies with the greyhound.  Owner Shannon Henry will need to expand that already overflowing trophy shelf.

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Ethel Is Here

I know she isn't an alumni quite yet but at almost 4 years old, her racing career will be wrapping up within the next year.  After she wins the 2017 Derby Title again this February, owners will put breeding on hold to see what this champion greyhound can do on the grand stage.  Can you imagine the crowds reaction when Ethel comes out? "Is that really a blue dog? Amazing!"

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Flying Fala

Just like Derek Zoolander had his famous male model looks like Blue Steel & Magnum, former Derby Finalist Flying Fala has moves of her own.  This greyhound is a brindle just like Gia but also has one spectacular move she can show to the world....The Derp.  Fala made this tongue out pose famous last February that had racing fans everywhere rooting for the Royal Racing product.

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Now if Ben Stiller could take on the role as Fala's Handler and teach her some of his moves, the greyhounds will be in good shape for next years show.

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Ivanka Trump

Here me out here.  This is a young up and coming greyhound that has some potential at the track, but could be an absolute monster at the dog shows.  The real Ivanka Trump could be the Handler and president elect Donald Trump could make a grand entrance yelling, "We are going to make Dog Shows Great Again!"

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With both Ivanka's leading the way, the Brindle Kennel darling will send the stock market and economy through the roof with her "tremendous" victory.

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JS ToHotToHandle

Another Shannon Henry product would be perfect for the dog shows.  With one of the most unique looks of any greyhound you've ever seen, "The Sizzle" would instantly have fans oohing and aahhing at this magnificent specimen.

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The girl with the white socks is another hound that loves posing for pictures and is just ripped.  Is it hot in here?

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Storm Control

Now many of you are probably reading this saying wait a minute, where are the boys?  Girl greyhounds aren't the only ones that give the breed the best chance of winning these shows.  Bring in the ultimate alpha male Storm Control!

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The Steve Schlachter owned three time Stakes champion looks like he could bench press 350 and is a stunning black beauty.  Like Fala, he also has his own trick where he can make his ears stand straight up upon command. Show me a poodle that can do that.

When "Stormy" makes his grand entrance, Track Announcer Mike Jameson will take the mic and let the crowd know that there is a storm brewing.

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Just For Kicks

The 2015 He's My Man Finalist from the Janie Carroll Kennel just retired last summer and brings a very unique look being he is completely all white with no other traceable mixes in his look.  The judges would be stunned.  Not only was he fast, but I heard he can glow in the dark. Incredible.

Congratulations to Gia the Greyhound again on her huge win over this holiday week.  I'll be looking forward to seeing all the positive comments about greyhounds over the next year as we all try to defend this title that is well deserved.