Double J and Raines Shine in Round 2

Profile Picture: Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark

February 27th, 2017

Both the Double J Kennel and the Lester Raines Kennel found their mojo in the second round of the 2017 $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup. Each kennel won 3 round the rounds and that left a just a few scraps for the rest of the kennels to try and score some points.

Double J Posted up victories in the 9th, 13th and 15th races while Raines scored in the 10th, 12th and 14th events on the card. Double J gets the notice edge though as they are the only ones to keep a greyhound undefeated during the stakes.

Breaking on top in the 13th race, Ln Michaels, put the question about who was going to win this race to bed early on. Stealing away a big lead at the turn, he increased his margin all the way to the stretch. Sure, this ankle burner gave some of it back late, but still coasted to an easy win in a speedy 30.60 second clocking. Kanes Mini chased throughout in 2nd, followed by the closing Cal Smith in 3rd, and the late driving Foolish Chester in 4th.

Former stakes winner Easi Charlie won the 9th race for Double J in fine fashion. Breaking close, he was within striking distant at the turn and took over command of the race near the far turn. Once in front he just kept on going and crossed with room to spare, 4 lengths, in 30.69 seconds. Wide and closing Earl Campbell was 2nd, followed by Ww’s Marsalay in 3rd and Miss Cora in 4th.

The last winner for Double J came in the last race, the 15th on the card. Boc’s All I Got chased the big time early speeders Godzilla Who and Ww’s Lost Girl to the far turn and then turned on the jets coming home. In the final few strides she caught them right before the wire and stole away the 19 points at the finish line. Strong game effort to Godzilla Who for second and third was Ww’s Lost Girl. Track record holder Kmz Kraken rallied late to challenge and finished 3 lengths out in 4th.

The Lester Raines kennel’s most impressive win came in the 10th race with Wiki Jax Attack. Making the most of the post, Jax stole the early lead and took full advantage of the trouble behind him at the first turn. Running off alone down the backside, he increased his lead all the way to the wire to win by the biggest margin on the evening, 7.5 lengths. His 30.61 clocking was right in line with the rest on the card as he dominated this effort. Sheezsohot won the battle for next best over early threat Gs Hal, and the superfecta was completed by the overcome trouble at the turn closer Pat C Gangsta.

Super pup Js Armdndangerus got back to his winning ways for Rained in the 14th race on the card. Breaking closer behind Tnt Below Zero, he pushed the pace through the turn and then took advantage down the backside. Zero pulled off the rail to midtrack and gave Dangerus all the room he needed on the rail to get past. By the far turn he was already in front and he breezed all the way home for the easy 2 length victory in 30.63 at the wire. Zero held on for place, as Bluetoo Mmmskippy finished third, and Pat C Merlin closing from way behind to find the final spot in the superfecta.

Lee Raven was the last winner for the Raines kennel and he was a lucky duck in the 12th. Breaking last, he was outrushed to the turn, but staying wide there was the key to him winning. Up front the two leaders ran into each other and they drifted midtrack and took out 3 more in the process. Raven stayed wide and shotgunned the turn to the lead, as she went untouched by the trouble. To her credit, she held tough on the lead as Ww Speed Train and Bl Warlock missed the trouble as well on the rail. All three battle down the backside, through the far turn, and down the stretch. Raven maintained all the way to the wire for the win as Speed Train settled for place and Warlock finished 3rd. Race favorite Real Good Feelin railed, after almost falling in the first turn, and took home the final spot in the superfecta at the line.

The others winners one the evening came from the Wayne Ward kennel and the Crowe Kennel, and both could not have been done in such the same, and different, fashion. Both greyhounds came from behind, but one was the quickest trip in the rounds and the other was the slowest.

Ww Next Bigthing, from the Wayne Ward Kennel, chased the early leaders to the far turn and then said that was enough. Shifting gears, he blew on bye and left the field in his dust coming home. Crossing 5 lengths better than the rest in the 11th race, Bigthing’s 30.53 second romp was a thing of beauty. Watch out if he keeps breaking like this as he is flying under the radar and might just be a contender in the making. Boc’s Andross was next best as Kc’s Tess came from a mile behind to complete the trifecta. Pat C Randolph finished 4th.

Kanes Bubba, from the Crowe Kennel, was the most unexpected winner on the card. Breaking slowly in the 7th race, she rushed up into the neighborhood of the leaders at the first turn. Another example of staying in your lane played out on the backside as Ww’s Quick Brady drifted out wide, jammed up most of the field, but left Bubba untouched as he was too wide to matter. Pulling even with the front runner in the far turn, her nose down and drove home to secure the slim win at the wire. Pat C Outbounds also rallied late to challenge in second, followed by the always game threat Flying Rose in 3rd and the late arriving Bf par Kingsman in 4th.

The field will be trimmed down for the 3rd round of the stakes which will run on Monday evening February 27th at bestbet Jacksonville. Only 4 races, 32 greyhounds, will remain and each and every point will be precious as they are spread out all over the place. With 15 different winners, this round will go a long way to determining just who makes the semis and possibly the finals of this event. Don’t miss out on all the action, and I will see you at the races.