What To Watch For The Rest of The Season at Palm Beach

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Jason Michael

May 20th, 2015

With only 6 weeks left in the 2014-2015 racing season at Palm Beach, there are many tremendous stories to be following that should have the fans excited. Championships, legacies, and top greyhounds all make for great action to watch and play until the very end on June 30th.

Here are the top headlines to watch for in the conclusion of the 83rd racing season at “The Beach.”

Track Championship (Wins)

You can’t ask for more than this chase. Three greyhounds are within striking distance of taking the glory for their Teams. Who comes out on top?


~JS SpeedyPebbles (Koppe, Staats & Collins Team)

Most likely will be Ranked #1 for May when the polls come out here next month. 23 wins on the season and is running the best of any of these contenders. Owner Shannon Henry winning this Title would only solidify even more that she is one of the top owners in all of South FLA.



Hustle It Up (Janie Carroll Kennel)

Still the wins leader by the slimest of margins. Hasn’t raced in over a month but may return before the season ends for the stretch run.  Has been one of the most consistent racers of any sprinter here this season, finishing in the money in 87% of his races.



Kb’s Like A Fox (Rader Racing)

Last years champion has 21 wins again this season and has an outside chance of repeating if he can get a hot winning streak going very soon. Would join an elite group of company if he can win back to back championships (He's My Man 1988 & 89' & Ozzie The Man 2005, 2006).

Fox is also chasing 60 career wins, which he could attain this season if he can get to the winners circle in two more of his starts.


Will Rader Racing get their 11th straight Kennel Championship?

I would say yes. 55 wins ahead of the next best B & B Racing is a sizeable lead that will be a tough one to overcome. Simply incredible the streak Owner Norm Rader and his team have accomplished at Palm Beach in the past decade.

Next years chase should be even more heated, with the Koppe, Staats & Collins Team bringing back many of the top greyhounds in the entire club to their squad.


Memorial Day Feature Race

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One of the best Features of the year because the top rookies and veterans all get a shot at each other. Field will be announced this Friday on The Backstretch Show at 6:00 PM, which I will be on as a guest.

Expect JS SpeedyPebbles, Pat C Short Cut, SM Houndman and Relativity to all get invites for this holiday showdown.


Who will be the top candidate after this season to represent Palm Beach in the Daytona 550 National Championship?

Palm Beach will no doubt have their top hound in this race.  With so much talent rolling through this place currently, it could be a number of greyhounds that could get the prestigious invite.

7 months is an eternity in greyhound racing and a lot can change for sure.  Last season, Palm had one of the best racers in the country in Storm Control from B & B Racing finish runner-up in the inaugural event. It's possible one of these top racers currently running could duplicate that feat, or more.

SpeedyPebbles could make a return to the big race if she stays healthy. Pat C Short Cut is the most powerful greyhound of this bunch and would be perfect closer in the longer distance at Daytona.


"The Pride of Toledo" SM Houndman for owners Mike Seeger & Nancy Meyer will be a must watch the rest of this season and beyond to see if he can continue to knock off the top greyhounds at this track. Starting to get more and more attention as his career go on, which could help him snag an invite to the big dance.

Here is a link to the up to date statistics for this season at Palm Beach:



Enjoy the rest of the season race fans!