Epic He's My Man Final Set To Go At Palm Beach

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Jason Michael

January 28th, 2017

In what could be the most competitive Final we've ever see here, the 37th running of the He's My Man Classic Final is about to commence.  One of the only huge stakes finales you'll witness where literally every athlete has a legitimate shot at glory. Last year Xtenshun won at 16-1 odds in one of the biggest upsets in Finals history.  Don't expect odds that high with how wide open this one looks on paper.

Who will be the next mega star after it's all over?  We'll soon know in less than 30 seconds Saturday afternoon.

Here are the eight Finalists and what odds we predict they'll go off at post time:

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#1 Hot Prospect Gal ~ Agganis Kennel (3-1 Odds)

Went from a prospect to championship contender in one swift run in the semis.  After blazing a 29.28 secs victory to send her to the Final, Agganis is hoping their newest alpha can bring home their first Classic since Bacs Xtreme back in 2010.  1 boxes are always a good thing in stakes finals, as we saw Oaks Maddy prove in the National Championship last weekend.

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#2 Marsha Ambrosius  ~ Brindle Kennel (7-1 Odds)

Named after the English singer from the group Floetry.  The greyhound Marsha is the surprise of the tournament after scoring two victories in the qualifying rounds.  Is the mot experienced of the Finalists with 112 starts under her belt the last two seasons.  Can she out rush the early speed to the first turn is the ultimate handicapping question in this one.

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#3 Kb's Katana  ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins (4-1 Odds)

The veteran of three tracks for owner Jason Hess.  Great combo game of sweet early rush and a can't lose kick at the line.  The Shake & Bake boys would love to bring home their first Classic victory in their historic kennel run.

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#4 Barts Big Bang  ~ Douglas Kennel  (5-1 Odds)

Just a few weeks ago, this was one of your heavy favorites to win this Final.  After two straight sub par performances though, cappers are nervous to put Big Bang at the top.  Has an absolute lethal close but has to be somewhat close to the front for a chance at a title here.  One half of the Barts Bros with RockTheBoat.

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#5 BartsRockTheBoat  ~ Douglas Kennel (8-1 Odds)

The absolute widest runner in the history of Palm Beach.  Fans on the fence line Saturday need to watch out for sand being whipped off this gigantic closer.  Throw out the last race of last by RockTheBoat, as he is a terrific board hitter this season (78%).

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#6 O Ya Sunflower  ~ Lester Raines Kennel (5-1 Odds)

Can the newest star studded Kennel win their first stakes title here?  "Sunny" gives this team a real chance.  After making the Futurity Finals last month, Sunflower hasn't let up in the Classic.  If she can get to the turn first ahead of Big Red Dog, Sunflower will be bringing home 50K.

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#7 Big Red Dog  ~ Rader Racing (2-1 Odds)

"Clifford" has found his groove at the perfect time.  Two qualifying victories in a row has "Clifford" and his growing fan base thinking about a championship.  Has the best early kick in this field and is sitting pretty in the outside hole to fire away.

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#8 Janice Dean  ~ Brindle Kennel (2-1 Odds)

"The Weather Machine" out of the 8 box looks to be in the best spot of any Finalist.  She'll have all the room in the world to break on the outside with her neighbors bolting toward the rail.  If she is near the front with any room, her late turbo boosters bring home a title for the beautiful brindle from the Brindle Kennel.

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I picked Janice Dean from the beginning and I'm sticking with her.  Having the 8 box only has me liking her for the win even more.  Fox News interrupts their Donald Trump coverage for two seconds to celebrate their championship greyhound.

Picks 8-3-7-5

Good luck to all greyhounds, teams and owners!  What a remarkable tournament we have watched this past month with what should be a fitting entertaining finale.  Enjoy the Classic race fans!