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March 4th, 2020

As we march, so to speak, into the stakes season (horses are prepping for the Yonkers parade of pacers in mid-month) harness prospects line up for profits and we are there at every folding of the gate. Respect our off-the-beaten-track opinions that might season your handicapping choices with cash.

Our H2W (horses-to-watch) list pursues exclusive selections for bettors with sharp outsiders for win, place, show and most single- or multi-exotic races.



Pompano / Races 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
Thursday / March 5

At his home base, Wally Hennessey won the local Masters Of The Mile Drivers Challenge (MMDC), opening the events with an 11-1 shot. Even among what the event’s promotion called a test featuring “seven of the greatest drivers in harness racing history,” which in itself is a stretch (note the word “history”), a Wally 11-1 shot win is rare.

All the MMDC actually accomplished was more incentive to visit our exclusive Wallyworld stream of races that equalizes the driver-talent angle by profiting by betting horses not driven by Wally. Our eighth round ensues here (when the Wallyworld feature ends we will provide statistics).

Race 2
Dance Hall Brawler gets another shot in the world of Wally and we will back him with support again, as we would if he were to take his second spot in the H2W.

Race 3
Silver Wings takes on Wally’s mount (one of a pair he could choose) for the “Great Sanzeri” and could actually take win money away from the MMDC champ (Joe Sanzeri was not included in the MMDC, shamefully—but enough editorial).

Race 6
In this unevenly stacked field, the public should swarm to Wally. Our contestant is Mach Lee, who has the best win percentage of the lot with just one win.

Race 7
Choose wisely, Wally, because the Great Sanzeri brings back Caroline GR after last week’s scratch. It’s another abysmal field but Caroline GR is in it for the money.

Race 8
Three horses await a Wally steer but no matter which he chooses we call again upon Sanzeri, this time with Cousin Rickard, whose win here would certainly make MMCD organizers think twice about leaving Joe out of next year’s contest.


Saratoga / Races 8—11
Thursday / March 5

Here is a Pick 4 with outsiders for you to consider putting on a combo ticket. The morning-line favorites look good but won’t pay much or add strong coinage to an obvious result. Consider some mix of the obvious with our choices?

Race 8
Gussy’s Realdeal comes over from Monticello, where she showed her usual speed at the top and stamina through the mile to take a piece of the purse.

Race 9
More More More has faced better pacers at more competitive tracks and returns to Saratoga where she was great at 19-1 two back.

Race 10
Tiger Boudoir steps up a tad after a scratch. She was 4-1 racing well here after a qualifier needed after afour-month layoff. She is live, for sure, and should be in the mix, no less have a great shot at a great price to win.

Race 11
Age Is A Number was all out to be third last week in a great two-move race. This is just her second race since December at the Meadowlands, where she showed strength and speed.


Meadows / Race 2
Friday / March 5

This track-related memorial event brings up a sharp chance for an upset. It’s a four-year-old colt pace with two outstanding but obvious choices out of seven. This season, Surf The Web has won two of three and Big Kiz has won three of six. Their earnings reflect those accomplishments.

No others in the race have won this season; the least active is Dracarys Z, who comes to the event with a single start, finishing second off of an impressive qualifying win. The unknown element here—how good is he?—is a leap of faith worthy of a wager for price and purpose. Even as a third choice, Dracarys Z will be an overlay contender.

Being this is the second half of the Daily Double, a Dracarys Z single will contribute great value with the first half of the exotic, even if it turns out to be one of the public’s choices. 


Yonkers / Race 9
Friday / March 5

Mr Profeta is under the tutelage of trainer Frank Hartline, Jr., who is emerging as a force at Yonkers so far this season. His Feb. 29 race looks dismal, true, but it may not represent Hartline’s prowess. Here, Mr Profeta makes a slight drop and leaves closer to the inside where he should get a better start than 9 lengths behind.

Mr Profeta has won two of his six starts already and graced the results list three times. Raw speed comparisons of wins won’t mean much; Mr Profeta can do far better than his best this season and might do so here, where he faces lesser than he did when he was not complementing Hartline.


Northfield / Races 2—6
Saturday / March 7

Here is a Pick 5 with outsiders for you to consider putting on a combo ticket. The morning-line favorites look good but won’t pay much or add strong coinage to an obvious result. Consider some mix of the obvious with our choices?

Race 2
Shadows Mystery only has to overcome the outside post, which may not be difficult among this group, while getting decent odds to do so.

Race 3
Cheyenne Zone has only raced twice this season, while the others, also without wins, have been trying as much as eight times. This could be a good overlay to win as well as an outside for the Pick 5 (remember, all outsiders mentioned are subject to win bets as well as additions in exotics).

Race 4
While bettors will weigh the amateur drivers when they handicap, we focus on the horse and trainer. Herman Hagerman’s Buddy Hally may not be a crowd-pleaser but sure gets our vote in this mile among this inconsistent field.

Race 5
Going beyond the two obvious choices could include a good price for Ron Burke’s Duck Duck Dragon. Even as a third choice, which is the best win-betting status, this pacer could find a path to beat the top two public choices. 

Race 6
Ending with another amateur-driving event could benefit us for a second time in this exotic stream. Ubanji should be an outsider with a better chance to win than measured by the public. John Wengerd, the trainer, drives him, which will not deserve the dismissal the public will surely employ.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and confirm the wagers available at the prescribed track. H2W offers possible contenders researched from reviewing races. Horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track with the date of their race and the race number (R6 ) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it appears on the list for the second time (horses are listed twice only if, at first, they failed to win. An “ae” signals also-eligible. Types of wagers to make are based on your judgment.


3/7/20, Miss U Big Mike R6

3/6/20, Five Card Draw R2; Bankers For All R3; Delightfully Wild R6; Brians Magic Girl R7; California Rock R9; +Getter Queen Flush R10

3/6/20, +Fusion Power R2; +Revolutionary Rose R3; +Askmysecretary R6

3/6/20, Mosh Pit R3; Mitch McBluegrass R4; Fire Dance R6; Youmakemyheartsing R8

3/6/20, +Uncle Hanover R9
3/7/20, +Tymal Peacemaker R3; +Vettel N R5

3/5/20, +Invincible R6
3/6/20, Well Of Fire R4; Art Seeker R6; +Banker Twentyfive R7

3/6/20, +Just Zip It R4; +Moonwards Hanover R5; De Chirico R6
3/7/20, +Montana Pablo A R14

3/5/20, +Western Bay Bay R2; +Bold And Brave R6; +Tuukka R8

3/7/20, May West R14

3/7/20, O Jonnie R2; Triple Seelster R3; +Concur R5; McKinley R8
3/8/20, +Mister Photogenic R6

3/5/20, Sportscam R1

3/5/20, Aberdeen Seelster R7; The Band K R9
3/7/20, Rock N Tony R1; Dramatist R11

3/6/20, Stolen Car R3
3/7/20, Gunpowder N R4; Dom Domingo N R6; Rock Lights R11
3/9/20, Cranberry Brie R3