Finals of IronHound Stakes

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Kelly Clark

March 31st, 2017

Another great stake final here at bestbet Jacksonville this weekend and someone will be coming out with more than cash, more than just a trophy, someone will have bragging rights as the toughest greyhound around as they win the 2017 Ironhound Stakes. The field is set and we get 5 round winners, and a couple other in the money throughout runners, in this race, so you know it is going to be highly competitive. This one takes place over the marathon course, and for several entries, this will be their first ever effort over the longer, longer distance. Let’s look at the finalist and see if we can get you cashing some tickets this weekend. (Don’t forget we also have our Losers Always Win promotion going, along with our Second Chance Drawings on Saturday evening.)

Race 11 for Saturday Evening April 1st
  1. Dutch Reagan (Dutch Magic – Dutch Daphne) battled through trouble in the rounds to make the finals. Here he is posted well, and has shown that he can run strong over this distance. With experience at 770, he must be a threat to win.
  2. Ww Blair (Gale Ww Wanika – Ww’s Blythe) was the only greyhound to win 2 rounds, 550 and 660, and even more, he even won his last effort over 770 too. This greyhound can do it all and he is running re hot as we speak. He loves the rail, posted close, and should be the one to beat.
  3. Boc’s Queen Lady (Kc And All – Boc’s Snow Queen) might just be the toughest competitor in this final. In the hunt over all three distances in qualifying, she just missed winning all three races by a length or less. This will be a long way for her to run, but if she steals enough early, Watch out!
  4. Fiesta Bonker (Bella Infrared – Bella Gucci) stepped up when he needed to and won the sprint round of the race to reach this final. A veteran 770-yard greyhound, he gets to run his best distance against a few that have no clue what to expect. Even though he won’t be favored, he could win this race if he wants to run.
  5. Jack’s Big Drama (Pat C Clement – Jack’s Cupid) is the track record holder now over 330, but this is not super sprint. Same box though, so I expect a big time start from this guy, but how long can he last. This race is a long, long, way. A big question mark remains! Saturday, we will see.
  6. Lee Trinity (Kiowa Sweet Trey – Lee Devin) can compete over all distance and has even performed over the 770-yard course. She can break on occasion, and the outside post does nothing but aide her in this effort. If she gets her nose in front, she might be a tough out tonight.
  7. Trackinfo Rich (Last Outlaw – Ww Lucky Tinker) was a strong closing winner over 660 and rode those points into this final. This greyhound has never run this far, but if you watch his stride, he looks like a natural for the marathon course. One speed all the time. He could upset here.
  8. Pat C Hartie (Rhythmless – Pat C Sis In Law) is a long way from the rail in this effort, so he is going to have to come out of the box in a hurry tonight to get there. His first 770 race was a mess, here it could be again. He must clear to contend, but he must not be forgotten about.
As the lure comes by the box and it opens, there is going to be a crowd for the front end. Loads of early speeders are here and they will come to break, rush, and run, but later the roosters will come home to roost. Boc’s Queen Lady, Jack’s Big Drama, Lee Trinity, and Ww Blair should all be out in a hurry in this race and trying to separate themselves from the rest of the field early. Down the backside, they will rush to the turn and we will see the front end still battling for command. Boc’s Queen Lady should be able to get her nose in front followed closely by Ww Blair and the rest stalking behind. As the lead pack continues around the corner and down the frontside the race is starting to take better shape. The lead duo, Queen Lady and Blair, have separated themselves from the rest and the chasing 770 greyhound have started to pick up the pace. On the lead the front duo battle for control as they round another turn and head down the backside. Dutch Reagan starts to make a move as the slow and steady Trackinfo Rich started to pick off greyhounds one, but one, as they head into the far turn. At this point, the distance has started to get to Queen Lady a bit and she will surrender the front end to Ww Blair as they turn for home. Once he sees the clean air up front, he shifts it into high gear and races off alone down the stretch for the easy victory. Queen Lady does her best to dig in deep as the closers will on be on their way to steal her spot at the finish line. Reagan will be coming along with Trackinfo Rich and they will make it quite an interesting finish for place. Down to the wire it comes, but Lady stole just enough to survive at the wire for her fourth second place finish in a row. Reagan just missed in show as Trackinfo Rich is right there too as he completes the superfecta. (2-3-1-7)

So, mark your calendars, grab some friends, make you plans, and don’t miss out of the finals of the Ironhound Stakes, along with our free cash drawings, this Saturday Evening, April 1st, at bestbet Jacksonville.