Finals of Orange Park Derby

Profile Picture: Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark

November 11th, 2016

The last qualifying round has been run and now we have our finalist for the 2016 $50,000 Orange Park Derby. Loads of talent are laced through the finalists with each having a special path to a victory in this race. Whether it be early speed, late speed, consistency, raw effort, or experience, they all have a shot to take home a victory in this final round race. All have won a round or two or three in qualifying and each knows how to get things done. In this evenly matched up affair, it might all come down to just who wants it the most come race day.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the finalist and see just how this race might play out on Saturday evening, November 12th, 2016 at bestbet Jacksonville.
  1. Herstal (Definate Opinion* - Mika) is the 770-track record holder that can come from well off the pace to win races over 660. Posted in an ideal spot, she will look to expand on the form that saw her win 2, and almost 3, of the rounds in qualifying. Heart is what she puts on display in every effort and she will not give up no matter what happens to her on the racetrack. If she is in the conversation early on with the leaders, she will find herself amongst them again at the wire.
  2. Pat C Fracking (Pat C Clement – Pat Cj Funnyface) might be the underdog in this effort, but don’t sleep on him in this effort. Never missing the money in any round, and hot off a semi-final victory, the mojo will continue to flow for him in this effort. He likes the inside and has enough early and late to be a threat throughout. A big break will be needed again if he wants to contend.
  3. Barts Risingstar (Buzz Around – Barts Marigold) is the only stakes winner in the bunch as he took home the Naples Marathon earlier this year. This supreme closer can come from way, way, way back and win, but he can do to the front on occasion too. IE look at round 1. His 37.00 clocking this year is the best I have seen in 20 years. His raw speed is unmatched, he just need to not get too far behind early on, or his late kick will just be too little too late tonight.
  4. Seldom Told (Trent Lee – Need A Date) is an All-American that has won 24 of 33 races at bestbet Jacksonville. He has flourished over both distances, and looked unstoppable early in the round with back to back wins. Since his break has left him, but if he decides to hit the lid, the race might just be for place tonight. He has no issues running this far, the question is, can he hit the lid and get back in form. We will find out soon enough.
  5. Gs Hal (Pat C Game Face – Gs Ashlynn) is a converted sprinter that has turned out to be a better router in the rounds. He has blazing early speed over this distance and might just be the one to catch on the front end again in this final. He too has not missed the trifecta in any over his 660 efforts, and looks to keep up the trend in this race. He can be a bit short late on occasion, so a quick start and a big early lead is what he needs if he wants to surprise this field and win.
  6. Easi Turner (Djays Octane – Easi Chloe) is the puppy of this field, so you don’t know what to expect. Obviously that he has the chops to be in this field with these talented greyhounds, but with his lack of experience you get a clunker every now and then from him. In the rounds, he personified that with 3 quiniela efforts and a last place finish. The key to his success is the break. He needs to be around the pace early on to be effective and the post might just let him do that. Tonight, it’s all on him.
  7. Kiss This (Offthebrakedrake – Yes I’m Sweet) is the other DQ greyhound in this race that has a shot to wire the field on the front end. Like Seldom Told, Kiss This was a breaking and winning machine in the first two rounds, but somehow forgot how to get out of the box over the next two efforts. She is a long way from her beloved rail in this effort, but a quick start from the box could fix all of her ills. She is super quick with the lead, so if she gets her nose in front early on, she will be very tough to run down before the finish line.
  8. Kk Whitezin (Eds Budby – Big Drama) is the only returning finalist to this race and this will be her third stakes final in the row over 660 yards. She was the point leader for this race as she won 3 of the 4 qualifying rounds and finished a close third in the other one. She is a strong closer that stalks the pace most of the time and turns on the jets late to get up for the win. This post is an excellent starting spot and it could lead to her breaking back to back 5th place finishes in finals. She is on top of her game now, let’s see if the 3rd time in a charm for her in this effort.
First off this race is going to highly contested, and frankly I feel that if one of the big bruisers decides to break they could easily steal away the win tonight. Arguably anyone that breaks might be able to hold on and upset, even the short Gs Hal if he gets some help behind him. There are loads of big names here and someone will be the favorite, but that doesn’t mean that he/she win be the one holding the trophy at the end of this event. So, here’s my 2 cents and we will see if it worth more than that come Saturday evening.

Around comes Rusty and when the box opens I see the best early speed in this race doing what he does best, break! Gs Hal should come out fast and get his nose in front early on in this effort. This by the way will help Seldom Told as well because he will be right alongside of him as they tear through the first turn. Kk Whitezin also should be stalking with the rest of the field taking shape behind them as they head up the front stretch. Hal should still control the race at the first call, but Seldom Told will be pressing hard as the field will be chasing the leaders by a couple of lengths or more at the finish line the first time around. By the escape turn, Seldom Told gets his head out in front as Gs Hal still giving his all surrenders the lead, Kk Whitezin is still there just off the leaders as the rest jockey for position. Down the backside they will go and not much will change near the lead until the far turn. By then the 770 greyhounds will be making their move and be starting to jockeying for position to make that one last push in the stretch. As they come down to the finish. Seldom Told will be in control, but his lead will be shrinking as they approach the finish line. KK Whitezin will have taken over 2nd and Herstal and Barts RisingStar will be getting closer with every stride as Gs Hal tries to hold on in the money late. At the wire, I think Seldom Told gets it done, Kk Whitezin will just miss in second as Herstal wins the 3-way photo for show with Gs Hal in fourth and Barts Risingstar just off in 5th. (4-8-1-5)

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