FINALS of the SOUTHLAND $20,000 IRON DOG CHALLENGE STAKES runs Friday, February 24

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MoneyMaker Mike

February 24th, 2017

Highlighting Friday evening's greyhound schedule at West Memphis will be the running of the Finals of Southland's $20,000 IRON DOG CHALLENGE STAKES. This has really been a most interesting concept by having the greyhounds run over 3 different distances in 3 different rounds and then having the points leader after the 3rd round be able to choose the distance over which the FINALS are to be run. It certainly has drawn the attention of racing fans everywhere and should be a stakes highlight each year it is run. Listed below are the post positions and points accumulated thru Round 3.  XKT JON SCHNABEL led the way with a total of 40 points and chose the 703 yard course in which he barely lost last time out. He did win both the 583 and 660 yard races and will earn the title due to his commanding lead. Congratulations to all the greyhounds and their owners, kennels and all other connections associated with these tremendously talented runners.
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FINALS - Race 2 - 703 yards - Grade SAA

BRASKA DALE - 1 box - 20 points BARTS GIRL - 2 box - 21 points BGR Z Z TOP - 3 box - 12 points KL'S FINN - 4 box - 8 points 5 box - No Greyhound XKT JON SCHNABEL - 6 box - 40 points PJ IAINTMADATYOU - 7 box -8 points KELSOS KILLER - 8 box - 13 points

TNT YUKON GOLD is scratched from this race due to injury - 7 points