Get Away Day at Sam Houston Race Park

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

March 8th, 2016

Today is closing day at Sam Houston Race Park, and it’s a corker of a 12 race card with an average of 11 entries per race.

For fans of multi-race wagers in particular, Sam Houston has an extremely friendly wagering menu with rolling doubles and pick 3s, a pair of pick 5s and pick 4s each and all at 12% takeout.

My plan is to zero in on the races I’m most confident about and build tickets around that confidence. “Most confident” does not necessarily mean a solid single. If I have a couple of As who I think cover the race 90% of the time, I might be better off playing around that race than a 2-to-5 single who wins 75% that everyone else has.

Here's my ABC grid for the 12 race card. Pick 5s start in races 2 & 8, and Pick 4s start in races 3 & 9:

Let's get away with some money today!