Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 4/26/2014

Profile Picture: Molly Jo Rosen

Molly Jo Rosen

April 26th, 2014

by Gary Dura

It’s the opening day for live racing at Dubuque Greyhound Park!

That brings three questions to mind:
  1. How will the dogs new to Dubuque adapt to the track surface?
  2. How much credence to put in 6 dog schooling races?
  3. How will the dogs that raced in Dubuque do with another season under their belt?
With those in mind, here are some picks for the matinee:

Race 1: K’s Trey: Like the break of the young dog in this Maiden race. He should be able to get to the corner near the front. Also like Hilco Strong, from Superior Kennel. He should have room to run.

Daily Double: 46/16. Quinella: 4/1568.

Race 2: Superior Doyle (1 box) is from Mardi Gras. He looks to me as one of the better dogs in this Grade D race. I can’t ignore PG Amaizer (6); that dog just doesn’t quit trying.

Trifecta: 16/16/348. 16/348/16

Race 3 (start of the pick4): Yes a Maiden, but could be the race of the day. K’s Kwik Shot, Windz of Change and WW’s Wynn Wild all looked good in schoolers – but will it translate to today’s race?

Pick 4: 145/47/45/24. I would consider an all in race 5.

Race 4: Sprocket Drive should have the edge in this one. I hate to toss the 8 (JD Vortex), but I give the edge to WW’s Best Man as he came from a tougher track.

Race 5: Tough Maiden. Ms Maddy must stay out of trouble – but you know how those Maiden races can go.

Race 6: Gonna Take Itall is from Southland – enough said for me. I thought he looked good in schooler and liked the track surface.

Race 10: Didn’t like this race at first. There’s not a lot of early speed in this Grade A event; they all are pretty even. So, which closer will get into the least amount of trouble?

Superfecta: 15/125/1258/a

Trifecta: 15/125/1258, 15/15/a or 1258/a/15

Race 12: Stakes race, the Dubuque Inaugural

I think however you bet this, you’ll have to swallow hard and just go for it.

I like Princess Maddy. She’s looked sharp at Bluffs Run and in her schooler. Plus, she defeated a very strong R One Night Stan in that schooling race.

Maddy should get a clear run to the corner, with B’s Graciebswift close by. R One Night Stan drew the 6 box, and that’s not a good one, especially with O Ya Spider Webb, a dog that breaks fairly well, next to him

Quinella: 1/3468

Trifecta: 13/138/134568

Notes: Passing on the twin trifecta; I like to see the pool build a bit. Also passing on the pick 3; just can’t figure out race 11.