Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 5/10/2014

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Molly Jo Rosen

May 10th, 2014

by Gary Dura

As we head into the third weekend of live racing at Dubuque Greyhound Park, the dogs are starting to fall into patterns.

Here’s hoping they continue that way.

Race 1: A Maiden to open the card. Keeper Tonto, the Southland import, has the inside box. His times keep improving, too. Watch out for Pat C No Budget (5), who wired a full-field schooler.

Daily Double: 15/14

Superfecta: 15/156/1356/134568

Race 2: Grade E: I’ve been a fan of Super C Belle since schoolers started. I think she wins from the 1 box. The rest of the field is question marks: What will they do? The 4, Hophop Episode, likes the middle and seems to be on the upswing.

Race 3: A Maiden starts the dime pick 4. I’m still wondering about this one. The 4, Bold Visionary, is short. However, I see potential for first-turn problems here and he should be out in front. HL’s Minnie should be fine out of the 8, and K’s Declan looked strong in schoolers, but he’s struggled a bit since. I’m taking him as a flier.

Pick 4: 468/268/57/126

Race 4: Grade B. Again, another deep-breath race. Ultra Lite (6) looks good, along with Cry Pine (2). I’d take Pat C No Fuss if he wasn’t in the 5 box. On the outside, JD Fast Friction could pull off the win if things fall right.

Race 5: Another Maiden race. This is the race where you could make some money. I like the 5, T’s Flying High and 7, Lookn Mightyfast. The 7 should be ahead of problems, and the 5 should be right behind him. And, you can ignore Flying High’s last place line.

Trifecta: 57/57/1248 and 57/1248/57

Race 6: A tough pick 4 ends with a Grade C. If Boc’s Mr. Quimby was in any box but the 6, I’d take him in a heartbeat. As it is, I’ll throw him in with the early speed of Orelia (1) and JD Embellish (2).

1/268 quinella

Race 7: Grade E, first half of the twin tri. I would normally pass on a Grade E, but I can’t ignore Superior Osmosis in the 8. Sutter’s Mill (2) and Atwood Hustle Up (3) should hit the board.

Twin trifecta: 8/23/a OR 8/23/1237

Race 9: The second half of the twin tri is a Grade D race. The 7, Superior Notion, gets my nod. He should be ahead of everyone. I like Gable Twitter (5) and TJ Liveaction (3).

Twin trifecta 2nd half: 7-5-3

Trifecta: 7/5/1346 and 57/57/346

Race 10: A Grade S 3/16th race. They aren’t doing us any favors, are they? A difficult race, in my opinion. Did Ya Ever (1) gets my nod. The 3, Good Toy, is moving way up in grade, but why not get a win against this field?

Pick 3: 13/15/27

Race 11: A Grade E race. Braska Galaxy (1) is moving up a grade, but likes the inside. The 2 breaks outside just a bit, so Galaxy should be fine. I also like Boc’s Thelma Lou in the 5. She seems to run better in mid-track.

Race 12: A Grade A final leg. I see it as a three dog race. Quirky Chandler has the 7 box; he breaks and rushes so well. KM Rage (3) returns to Dubuque from Mardi Gras and does like the surface. The 2, Pat C Sabbath posted a sub-31 last time. I don’t want to throw out any, but if I have to, I’ll toss the 3.

Trifecta: 27/27/1345 and 27/1345/27

Superfecta: 27/237/1237/a

Race 13: Grade D. Superior Nation has the 1 box. He should win. However, watch out for DK’s All Out in the 7 box.