Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 5/17/2014

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Molly Jo Rosen

May 17th, 2014

by Gary Dura

Race 1: Maiden. Not much in this race, in my view. I like the 6, Boc’s Magnomizer, to get out and be gone. The 2, Pat C Lyric, could be a factor out of the box if the 3 and 4 go mid-track.

Daily double: 26/27

Race 2: Grade E. LC Ebeneezer (2) shouldn’t be a Scrooge here. The 7, K’s Victor will come into play.

Trifecta: 27/27/148

Superfecta: 27/127/12478/124678

Race 3: Maiden. I’d start three deep in the dime pick 4. Waylon Hambone (3) looks to be in fine form now. The 6, Cals Shadowcash, is where he likes, and the 4, Pat C Hired Gun could be the upset-maker.

Pick 4: 346/37/138/458

Quinella: 3/1468

Race 4: Grade B. Craigie Flynn, the grade dropper, should be fine in the 3 box as the 1 and 2 prefer to go inside. Cry Cowboy (7) is in the right grade.

Trifecta: 37/37/468 and 37/468/37

Race 5: Maiden. Pat Say Jack (1) has improved each time out, and the 2 shouldn’t be in the way at the start. Watch out for the closer, Boc’s Torque (8). If he clears early, he’s gone. I’d add the 3, Lookn Mightyfast, as a safety pick.

Superfecta: 18/1368/1368/134568

Race 6: Grade A. Pat C BS Dewitt (5), who has won 4 of 5, should get back on the winning trail. Princess Maddy (4) will give competition. JD Groovin It, in the 8 box, will be a factor; the question: Will the 7 get in his way?

Trifecta: 45/458/134578

Superfecta: 458/458/1458/134578

Race 8: Grade TB. Superior Rasta (2) had a bad race last time, and still has a top time in this race by grade. The 8, O Ya Scooter, will be a factor.

Quinella: 2/3578

Trifecta: 28/28/3457 and 2/8/34567

Race 9: Grade D. Stateofconfusion (5) and Redneck (7) are the class in this field.

Trifecta: 57/57/1236

Race 10: Grade A. JD Grandmaster (2) is the class here. He should be ahead of trouble. There doesn’t look to be a closer in the lineup. If you’re worried, add Se’s Tali Ritz (5), who is where she wants to be.

Pick 3: 25/26/57

Race 11: Grade E. I can’t let a Superior kennel dog out of the mix in this one. Superior Network (6) isn’t in the greatest box, but should be OK. Toss the poor finish by XK Penelope Cruz (2) two races back. She’s been getting better each time out and should shine at the start.

Race 12: Grade A. It’s a field of closers. I’ll go with B’s Graciebswift (7), who has nothing around her in the boxes, and the 5, JD Contagious, the only early speed. The greyhounds in the inside boxes could hinder each other, but look good for trifectas and superfectas.

Trifecta: 7/15/12345 and 57/57/1234

Superfecta: 57/157/12357/a

Race 13: Grade D. The rush of Pat C Rascal S (8) should be the difference here.

Quinella: 8/2346

Race 14: Grade C. I’m wondering if GV Amber (8) will break or not. If she does, she’ll hit the board. The grade-dropper, Racin Mason (1) will be in the mix, along with the mid-track fan, UB Truckstop Bob (4).

Trifecta: 18/148/a

Superfecta: 18/148/1348/1234578