Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 5/21/2014

Profile Picture: Molly Jo Rosen

Molly Jo Rosen

May 21st, 2014

by Gary Dura

We’re finally getting some warmer weather in Dubuque; let’s see how that affects the greyhounds at Dubuque Greyhound Park.

Some selections for Wednesday’s matinee card:

Race 1: Maiden. O Ya Gizmo (4) should get the early lead. However, unless there’s trouble he’ll get caught. I do see potential for trouble, though. L’s Blinsky is a young pup from Djays Octane. He’s showing close and shouldn’t be in trouble in the break.

Daily Double: 24/45

Race 2: Grade B. Superior Korbina (4) should be the class of this field. She shouldn’t have problems getting to her favorite part of the track. The grade dropper Boc’s L Wilden will hit the board. He could win if Korbina stumbles.

Superfecta: 45/145/1457/145678 (or all)

Race 3: Grade C. What a tough race to begin the dime pick 4. The all button is a possibility. WW’s Revise (8) is improving; Gonna Take Itall (6) is a closer and should have room to do that; Superior Order (2) is rounding into form; Cheryl Blacktop (4) hangs in there. If you don’t want the all, you can eliminate the 3 and 5.

Pick 4: 1246/278/45(1)/27

Race 4: Grade A Dubuque Course. The route races are starting to be scheduled more, so there isn’t as much racing history available. Super C Diesel (8) should do fine on the course. Superior Samba (2) ran a similar distance at Mardi Gras and did fine. I’d add Pat C BS Lamotte as an extra.

Trifecta: 28/278/12578

Race 5: Grade E. I’m going to try and get by with two in this one. Sweet N Sassy (4) and Superior Nifty (5) look to be the class. If you want a safety net, the 1, L’s Eddie B, would be the greyhound.

Trifecta: 45/45/126 and 45/126/45

Race 6: Grade D. Not much break around JK John (7); with his rush I give him the edge. Pat C Bree (5) is where she likes. Tacklebox Tommy (2) is interesting. He looks like he’s come into form.

Trifecta: 57/257/123567

Superfecta: 257/257/1257/123567

Race 8: Grade C. The 3, Lone Star Kelsey, could benefit at the break from how the 1 and 2 move. WW’s Design (4) will continue to improve.

Trifecta: 34/345/a

Race 9: Grade TB. The grade dropper, JD Crash N Burn (2), would be the play. He should be able to ice this field.

Quinella: 2/a

Race 10: Grade A and first leg of the pick 3. I’d like to single Superior Kellog (5), but I’m worried about Pretty McKenna (6). She’s running very well right now, but it’s the box draw that concerns me. Roc A By Suds (7), the grade riser, would be a play if he drew an inside box.

Pick 3: 56/35/78

Trifecta: 56/567/15678

Superfecta: 567/567/5678/125678

Race 11: Grade D. O Ya Goldie is ready to move up a grade as she’s running well. The grade dropper, JW’s Pushy (5), likes the middle and could be ahead of trouble.

Trifecta: 35/345/34568

Race 12: Grade A. Quirky Chandler (8) should be away from trouble on the outside. The O Ya dogs have been doing well, and Dozer (7) could spoil Quirky’s bid.

Superfecta: 78/378/3578/a and 78/78/a/235

Trifecta: 78/a/378

Race 14: Grade B. The grade dropper gets the 8 box, and she breaks well. I like Lagro Dabrikasha in this one. JD Embellish (6) should get play in trifectas.

Quinella: 8/346

Race 15: Grade A. I know Roc A By Msmolly (4) is getting older. However, I just enjoy watching the effort she puts out each race. Boc’s Aunt Bee (6) and Lahaina (7) will be in the mix, too.

Trifecta: 46/467/124678

Superfecta: 467/467/12467/124678