Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 5/24/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

May 24th, 2014

by Gary Dura

We’re heading into a long holiday weekend. There is no better way to start it than with a trip to the track!

Race 1: Maiden. L’s Yadi (3) looks to be coming into form. However, RJ’s Emmit (1) has kept improving, and should have an edge at the start.

Daily double: 13/25

Quinella: 3/175

Race 2: Grade TD, Dubuque Course. I’m leaning to those that have a close in this one. Boc’s Vandekamp (5) and Stereotype (2) look strongest in this field. If you’re not comfortable taking dogs that haven’t run this distance, go with WW’s Crony (4).

Race 3: Maiden. To start the dime pick 4, it’s quite the interesting race. L’s Rocsi (6) looks to be the best, but you never know about that box. The 4, Dancin Flamingo, and 2, Drink a Beer, will be strong. Both rush fairly well.

Pick 4: 246/158/38/356

Trifecta: 46/246/12467

Superfecta: 46/246/12467/12467 or all

Race 4: Grade TB, Dubuque Course. The lower grade dogs look better than the upper ones in this mixed event. I like Boc’s Robbie Ray (1) and O Ya Gold Rush (5). Kl’s Gabby Girl (8) will be a dark horse, but did OK at the longer distance at Mardi Gras.

Race 5: Maiden. Going to try and get away with two in this one. The 3, WW’s Missile, should benefit from the 1 and 2. K’s Vance (8) needs to get inside, and he should.

Quinella: 3/2458

Race 6: Grade E. Daedalus (6) races live for the first time at Dubuque. The Southland transfer schooled well, and should be the cream of the crop. Lifes An Itch (5) has a chance for the win if Daedalus stumbles. HL’s William is interesting: It’s in Grade E here, but Grade C  at Mardi Gras. He’s improved. I’d add him.

Superfecta: 56/356/356/2356/a

Quinella: 6/23457

Race 8: Grade TC. I like the 8, WW’s Glair Flair. He should be able to get to the corner first as there’s no break next to him.

Quinella: 8/a

Trifecta: 8/1/a and 18/18/256

Race 10: Grade B. The start of the pick 3 features 5 greyhounds from Mardi Gras. Two of them, JF Thisisaustin (2) and Super C Riddick (8) deserve lots of consideration. JD Fast Friction (3) is close, but I think the other two are better.

Pick 3: 28/38/348

Trifecta: 28/28/34 and 2/38/a

Superfecta:  238/238/23468/123468

Race 11: Grade E. It’s a tough one. Launch Monitor (3) is more consistent. PG Tiger Lily (8) keeps improving and has the coveted 8 box. I’m nervous about the 1, Art of the Game. Use him in the exotics.

Race 12. Grade A. Superior Product (3) has stumbled just a bit recently, but that’s based on his standards. I’d throw out Pat C Buckaroo’s last race and include the 4 dog. The wild card to me is O Ya Spider Webb (8). He breaks well, but can he keep up with Product?

Superfecta: 348/348/13458/123458

Race 14: Grade B. I like the ends: Cals Mighty Mags (1) and JD Affinity (8). Affinity is dropping down and gets the edge. Mighty Mags likes the inside.

Trifecta: 18/18/367 and 18/367/18

Race 15: Grade A. Pat C Sabbath (8) is the top in this race. He should get this one.

Quinella: 8/a (but check the odds).