Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 5/26/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

May 26th, 2014

by Gary Dura

Dubuque Greyhound Park has a holiday card this afternoon. It is capped with the Memorial Sprint in race 12. It is on the 3/16th course.

Race 1: Maiden. Zero (8) has no break next to her. Also consider Boc’s Dragonlady (3). Her last race was just a bad one.

Daily Double: 38/15

Race 2: Grade B. I found this one tough to be confident in a selection. Fiscal Cliff (1) from Bluffs Run should be the winner. But should isn’t definite. JD Hallucinate (5) has been out of form, but showed some signs; I’m adding him as a flyer.

Quinella: 1/2578

Race 3: Maiden. The dime pick 4 starts here. O Ya Brindlebaby (1) keeps improving and will be a factor. However, the 8, KB’s Quick Tip makes her debut, and has the break and rush.

Pick 4: 18/123/56/68

Superfecta:  18/168/1468/a

Race 4: Grade TA, Dubuque Course. The inside dogs look the best. Sprite Drive (3) is consistent, and a great closer. Rapp (2) had to return to schooling, but also shows a great close. Pat C BS Lamotte can be a factor inside out of the 1 box.

Race 5: Grade E. It’s one of those difficult races. There’s not much in the race. The 5, Happy Hour Hound, looks interesting and could provide some odds. The 6, Boc’s Victor, will be a player if he gets inside.

Trifecta: 56/156/1278 and 56/1278/56

Quinella: 6/157

Race 6: Grade D. It looks like the 8, Windz of Change has the edge. However, I like the 6, Stateofconfusion, to pull the upset. She’s positioned well and shows some early speed to avoid problems.

Superfecta: 68/268/2368/234678

Race 8: Grade TC. The 8, Ale Alicia Keyes, is a double grade drop. That would be the play here in a weaker field.

Quinella: 8/a

Race 9: Grade D. I’ve always liked Angel (4). She’s back after schooling, and dropped a grade. I think that’s the difference. The 6, Jake Miller, is a double grade drop.

Superfecta: 456/456/2456/a

Trifecta: 46/2456/24567

Race 10: Grade A. This starts a tough pick 3. CRV’s Starpower (5) is one of the hottest dogs right now. Pat C BS Dewitt (4) is doing well as usual.

Pick 3: 45/478/12

Superfecta:  45/245/2456/234568

Race 11: Grade E. Superior Olay (8) should be fine out in this area. The 7, Air Time Evaline, has a good close. The question is if she’ll have room to pull it off. The most interesting dog is the 4, Hyper Coaleen. The times are improving, and the dogs’ breaks around her should give her room.

Quinella: 4/a

Race 12: Grade S. JD Flagrant (2) and Ale Tiger Woods (1) have been the top one-turn runners at Dubuque. However, Flagrant has had the better of the races, and should win here.

Trifecta: 2/1/a; 12/12/367

Race 15: Grade A. It’s difficult to ignore B’s Graciebswift (1), Stickers Drive (2) and Luciano Leggio (5). Leggio will be out early, and the other two will close. If KJO Happy Class was in the 1 box instead of the 8, he’d be higher in the mix.

Trifecta: 12/125/a and 12/1258/1258