Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 6/11/2014

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Molly Jo Rosen

June 11th, 2014

by Gary Dura

Race 1: Maiden. The newbie, KB’s Credit Rate, is in the 8 box; he’s in a good spot. Hilco Sting (5) has been running well lately.

Daily Double: 58/38

Quinella: 5/178

Race 2: Grade E. I like the shippers in this one. Gable Mac (3) is from Southland, and looks to be the best in the lineup. White Oak Ron (8), from Bluffs Run, should get to the corner clean.

Trifecta: 38/38/2467; 38/2468/38

Superfecta: 38/238/234678/a

Race 3: Grade D. Pat C Lulu (1), Boc’s Crimsntide (2) and Standing Proud (4) look to be the top in this group. However, WW’s Design (5) is a grade dropper that had a tough run last time out; she should have a better chance here.

Pick 4: 125/578/12/12(7)

Quinella: 2/145

Race 4: Grade TA, Dubuque Course. Smoke And Rum (7) won’t break, but he’ll make up the ground quickly, and Amy Farah Fowler (8) will push the pace. Be sure to add in WS Mr Pibb. He can run well and is rounding into form.

Superfecta: 578/578/234578/234578

Race 5: Grade E. I have to favor Keeper Scout (1), from Southland. Boc’s Vector (2) will be among the leaders, too. He’s improving and back in form.

Trifecta: 12/123/123478

Superfecta: 12/123/123478/123478

Race 6: Grade D. This race will make your head spin. Professor Chad (2) and K’s Victor (1) look to have the edge to me. I’m worried about Boc’s Callulater (7). He broke well in a 5-dog schooler. He looks like he likes the Dubuque track, but there wasn’t much in the schooler. I’d add him for safety.

Quinella: 1/2347

Trifecta: 12/127/12347

Race 8: Grade TB. I’m going with the grade dropper O Ya Dozer (3). He’s got the best break in this field. Roc A By Pinata (1) is a bit short, but likes the inside. JD Crash N Burn (5) will be in play, along with WW’s Endzone (7).

Quinella: 3/1578

Trifecta: 37/357/13578

Superfecta: 37/357/13578/a and 37/357/a/13578

Race 10: Grade C. Boc’s Snapchat (4) has the break and rush, plus he likes the middle and is a good Grade C dog. Wink And Nod (5) is a dropper who will make some noise. Give consideration to Pat C Compass (8). She’s a double grade drop and the 7 doesn’t break well.

Pick 3: 45/456/12

Quinella: 4/158

Race 11: Grade E. I tossed about several ideas for this race. The middle dogs got my attention. I’m leaning toward A Fly Emma Stone (4), RF Finley (5) and KB’s Cedar Key (6). Emma and Cedar aren’t as bad as they showed in their last race. RF Finley (5) has some good times and can handle the middle.

Quinella: 456 box

Superfecta: 456/456/456/a and 456/456/a/456

Race 12: Grade A. I think this is a pretty good A race. Stickers Drive (1) can rally with the best of them. O Ya Spider Webb (2) had a bad race last time out; won’t happen today. Super C Gina (8) is in a good box; she’ll be in play and could get her first win at Dubuque.

Quinella: 2/15678

Trifecta: 12/12/5678

Superfecta: 12/238/1258/a

Race 13: Grade E. Mitey Zoar (5) is running very well. He’s not in a great box, but should overcome. Be sure to use Pickoff Move (8); good box will help is strong break and rush.

Quinella: 5/1478

Race 14: Grade B: Keep an eye on Pablo Bones (2). If his odds are favorable, use him across the board and in the exotics.

Race 15: Grade A. Another race filled with great racers. Winston Wishbone (5) is hot right now. Superior Kellog (3) has been out of form recently, but shows signs of resurgence. The all button will come in handy in the trifecta.

Quinella: 5/2367

Trifecta: 35/35/a and 35/a/35