Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 6/18/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

June 18th, 2014

by Gary Dura

We’ll continue with the matinee cards at Dubuque Greyhound Park with a look at Saturday’s. Hang on until the later races as the card closes with some good ones.

Race 1: Maiden. K’s Vance (6) likes the middle and shows good rush. XK Alvin Dark (8) doesn’t quit, but doesn’t win either. He’s got a chance with this field.

Daily Double: 68/18

Race 2: Grade TD, Dubuque Course. This is a difficult race to handicap, in my opinion. Hilco Starla (8) and KL’s Gabby Girl (6) look to be the best of the lot. However, I think the newcomer to the route course, Sweet N Sassy (1) has a good chance. The 2 doesn’t break or rush well, which should let Sassy get set up for her late speed.

Quinella: 1/678

Trifecta: 1/678/25678 and 18/18/2567

Race 3: Maiden. If the 1 box is doing well, be sure to consider PJ Charzard. He likes the inside, and the 2 breaks toward the middle. PJ is a bit short, but could be ahead of problems. Boc’s Dragonlady (4) closes pretty well.

Pick 4: 14/156/378/17

Quinella: 1/4578

Race 4: Grade A, Dubuque Course. Ignore the last race of Superior Samba (5); she’ll be a threat. Sprite Drive (6) rallies and hits the board well. Serendipity Bonz (1) enjoys the inside, but seems to be off form right now. I’d include her, but if you’re looking for odds, Boc’s One Rocket (8) could be the key.

Quinella: 1568 box

Trifecta: 56/156/125678 and 56/125678/156

Superfecta: 56/1568/1568/a and move the all to other spots in the wager.

Race 5: Grade E. Boc’s Constanza (7) showed his mettle in his maiden win. However, Lookn Mightyfast (8) is on his right shoulder, and will be in a better spot during the rush. Other than Seadon Likemydog (3), there’s not much in this one.

Quinella: 378 box

Trifecta: 78/378/a

Race 6: Grade D. The shippers from Naples have been doing pretty well at Dubuque. AJ’s Graceland (7) has a great rush and finish. If he stays away from bumps from Copperkettle Bay (8), he should win. I’d add Pat C Bree (1) has she is rounding into form.

Quinella: 7/1268

Race 8: Grade TB. PG Amaizer (8) is back on a roll. JD Chillin It (1) is in the right grade and will be in play, plus get some help when the 2 breaks to the middle.

Quinella: 18/18/a and 18/2357/18

Race 10: Grade B. Will Boc’s Edith (3) continue her success at Dubuque? She’s another of the Naples imports. While I’m on my Naples rant, I’d like to add I always consider an Xtrem Racing dog in the middle; BNS Mahgosteen (4) fits those criteria. JD Fantasy Star (5) is a grade dropper that likes the middle.

Pick 3: 345/18/15 (or single the 5 and add more to the 2nd leg)

Quinella: 3/14578

Race 11: Grade E. At first glance, it looks like HL’s Samantha (1) and Outta Here (8) are the class. And, that view continues after repeated looks. This race makes me nervous, as it’s too obvious.

Race 12: Grade A. The hottest runner at Dubuque has the 5 box. CRV’s Starpower has 6 wins in a row, and should continue here. The main competition will come from Gable Sights (1) and Fiscal Cliff (3). If you want to add a few more in the second leg, you can single Starpower.

Quinella: 135 box

Trifecta: 5/136/a

Superfecta: 5/1368/1368/a and 15/15/13568/a

Race 13: Grade C. I like the grade droppers inside: Mamas itsalltrue (1) and WW’s Tap Water (2). Arkans Marilyn (8) looked good in a schooler; I’m wondering how that will translate with how this field lines up.

Quinella: 1/24678

Race 14: Grade B. KJO Happyclass (3) is in the grade he likes.

Race 15: Grade A. Superior Panama (1) goes for his 3rd in a row. He’ll be battling B’s Graciebswift (2), Springisintheair (3) and JF Callin Radar (5). I’d add Boc’s Gomer Pyle (7), I like where he’s at, and using the first four dogs mentioned will not pay very well.