Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 6/20/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

June 20th, 2014

by Gary Dura

The first major stakes event of the season begins tonight at Dubuque Greyhound Park.

The King and Queen stakes takes place. There are 24 males and 24 females entered. The males are in races 2, 6 and 12; the females in 4, 10 and 13.

The second round is Wednesday, June 25, after which the field will be cut to the top 16 in each. The third round, Saturday, June 28, will take the field to the final four in each. The final is the matinee of Friday, July 4th.

To follow the standings, go to:

We’ll emphasize the 6 stakes races, along with selected others.

Race 1: Grade D. I may be taking a bit of a flyer here. Superior Weapon (3) prefers the inside. I think she can get there. NMS Julie (1) looks to be the best of the lot. I’m worried about the grade dropper, WWK Sears, in the 8 box.

Daily double: 13/15

Quinella: 1/348

Race 2: Grade S. The stakes kick off with a pair of strong entrants. Superior Panama (2) and Luciano Leggio (5) should dominate the field. Daedalus (4) has won 4 in a row, but will be against the big boys now.

Quinella: 135 box

Trifecta: 35/1357/134578

Race 3: Grade C. GV Amber (2) has had luck in Grade TC, but those are mixed grade races. She should be on the board against this crew. O Ya Gold Rush (7) breaks well and should be ahead of trouble. But, will he hold on? I also like Trusty Red Ryder (5) to be in the mix.

Pick 4: 257/257/35/57 (add the 2 if you’d like)

Quinella: 257

Superfecta: 257/257/257/a and rotate the all throughout.

Race 4: Grade S. The females take to the track, and there are a lot of good racers. SE’s Tali Ritz (5) likes the middle and has been running well. Sprite Drive (2) closes with the best of them. However, Sprite is moving from the long course. Serendipity Bonz (4) has been out of form recently, but she, too, is changing to the shorter race, and that could spur her on. Don’t forget about the consistent Amy Farah Fowler (7).

Quinella: 5/2347

Trifecta: 57/23457/23457

Race 5: Grade TA, Dubuque Course. I’m going with Superior Samba (3). She’s struggled as of late, but I think she’s coming around. Rapp (5) runs well; I’d ignore the checked line and add him.

Quinella: 3/4578

Superfecta: 35/357/3457/a

Race 6: Grade S. The boys are back at it. You better be ready to stand up to watch this one, as it features O Ya Spider Webb (2), Superior Product (5), CRV’s Starpower (7) and JF Callin Radar (8). Who do you take? Starpower has 7 wins in a row; be sure to use him. Superior Product loves the Dubuque track.

Trifecta: 7/5/a; 57/57/24578

Superfecta: 57/257/2578/a

Race 10: Grade S. The ladies are back. AJ Cheramieamour (1) and Springisintheair (3) get the nod. AJ finds a way to hit the board in big races. Springisintheair is consistent. Be sure to add JD Groovin It (2) to the exotics.

Quinella: 1/2378

Trifecta: 13/13/2578

Superfecta: 13/123/123678/123578

Race 11: Grade C. I can’t help but like Superior Nation (5). He’s a grade dropper, a better rusher than those around him and has the top times.

Quinella: 5/1238

Race 12: Grade S. The guys wrap up with this one. Throw out the last race of Pat C Sabbath (4); he’ll be pushing to the front early. Mymotorsrunnin (5) is getting on a roll, but might have some trouble with the early speed around him. Winston Wishbone (3) gets my nod out of consistency.

Quinella: 3/4567

Superfecta: 34/345/3456/a

Race 14: Grade S. The gals end the stakes here. B’s Graciebswift (5) is in this one. She’s one of the top greyhounds at Dubuque, and should win this race.

Quinella: 5/1238

Trifecta: 5/1238/12348