Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 6/25/2014

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Molly Jo Rosen

June 25th, 2014

by Gary Dura

Today marks the second round of the King and Queen stakes at Dubuque Greyhound Park.

After today’s races, the top 16 males and 16 females advance to Saturday night’s third round. The top 4 in each bracket after the third round move on to the July 4th matinee finals.

For the standings, go to:

Race 1: Grade D. WW’s St. Patrick (7) has been running well, plus is down a grade. Boc’s Constanza (5) has been blazing, so be sure to use the hot runner.

Daily Double: 57/14

Quinella: 7/158

Race 2: Grade S. A King’s race, this one isn’t as packed as the other ones. Pat C Dude (3) is the highest first round finisher, with a 3rd. I can’t see Mymotorsrunnin (1) and Luciano Leggio (4) each having bad races again.

Quinella: 1/24568

Trifecta: 14/145/124568

Race 3: Grade TA, Dubuque Course. Not much in the way of Grade A racers in this one. Go Lucky Ashlee (2) is in position to garner the win. Killer Santa (4) doesn’t have the best box, but has been doing well on the long course, so include him. Boc’s One Rocket (1) is inside, and seems to like it there.

Pick 4: 124/257/35/8

Quinella: 2/134

Race 4: Grade S. The Queens start here. SE’s Tali Ritz (2) and Stickers Drive (5) are the best in the field. Don’t ignore the consistent JD Bar Maid (7); she’s always on the board. The question is Amy Farah Fowler (6). She runs better out of an inside box, but never quits. I’d use in the exotics.

Quinella: 2/567

Trifecta: 2/567 and 27/257/12578

Superfecta: 2/567/5678/a

Race 5: Grade C. Bart’s Twitter (5) is a grade dropper, but doesn’t like the middle all that much. NMS Julie (3) is moving up, but she’s got a great break and rush.

Quinella: 3/2458

Race 6: Grade S. The guys are back. Superior Product (8) can be singled here. Others to worry about include PJ Lay It Down (1), Pat C Sabbath (2) and WW’s Hay Maker (3). It’s your choice to include them in the pick 4.

Quinella: 8/1235

Trifecta: 8/123/123

Superfecta: 8/123/123/a

Race 10: Grade S. The ladies are back. First round winner Springisintheair (4) will be one of the favorites. However, watch out for Pretty McKenna (2) is inside and should like that spot. Sprite Drive (6) had a tough run last time, but I think following AJ Cheramieamour (5) will help her.

Pick 3: 25/37/23

Quinella: 2/3456

Trifecta: 25/256/23456

Superfecta: 25/256/23456/a

Race 11: Grade B. When I looked at the past race times of AJ’s Jozie Jay (3) and Boc’s Edith (7), I wondered why they didn’t win. Then I saw how good of a race they were in. They should be at the front of the pack here.

Quinella: 3/1457

Trifecta: 37/13457/13457

Race 12: Grade S. The Kings wrap up here. It’s a tough one. Winston Wishbone (2), CRV’s Starpower (3) and Superior Panama (6) will get a lot of well-deserved attention. Don’t ignore JF Callin Radar (7) in the exotics.

Quinella: 2/3567

Trifecta: 23/23567/a

Race 14: Grade S. The Queens wrap up the first round. B’s Graciebswift (3) should be able to take care of this field. Boc’s Aunt Bee (1) gets an inside box and should do well. Superior Rasta (4) wants inside; I think she’ll have trouble getting there.

Quinella: 3/148

Trifecta: 3/148/1458