Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 6/27/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

June 27th, 2014

by Gary Dura

Friday night’s card at Dubuque Greyhound Park features a maiden race, two Dubuque Course races and no Grade A races.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad card; there’s lots to look at. Here are a few thoughts.

Race 1: Maiden. WW’s Missle (5) isn’t in the best box. However, he rushes well and I think the 4 will clear the way for him. Add in Slatex Pocono (8). He’ll be able to stay out of problems this race.

Daily Double: 58/12

Quinella: 5/478

Race 2: Grade TC, Dubuque Course. I like the spot Boc’s Vandekamp (2) is in. She has a good chance to lead the entire way. Superior Notion (1) will stay inside, and hit the board. She could win, if she shows her close.

Quinella: 2/1378

Superfecta: 12/123/1237/a

Race 3: Grade C. Superior Nifty (6) has some good times, but just can’t win in C. She’ll have trouble defeating the grade dropper Pat C Rascal S (3), who should win unless he finds trouble. Be sure to use Bella Encripted (5) and Art of the Game (7) in the exotics.

Pick 4: 36/17/246/234

Quinella: 3567 box

Trifecta: 36/3567/35678 and 3/a/567

Race 4: Grade TA, Dubuque Course. Superior Samba (1) looks like the dog to beat. She’s in her box and is running well. Plus, other than Super C Freeda (7), she’s the only true Grade A dog in the race.

Quinella: 1/3567

Race 5: Grade E. There’s not a lot in this race, so go with the most consistent dogs. L’s Lucy Lu (2), Lookn Mightyfast (4) and Hilco Strong (6) fit the guideline.

Trifecta: 24/246/a and 24/24678/24678

Race 6: Grade D. Tickled Silly (3), the double grade dropper, gets the nod. She looks to be returning to form. BP Denim (4) is in the box and grade she likes. O Ya Goldie (2) might not get a lot of play, but she has good times compared to most in this lineup.

Quinella: 3/124

Superfecta: 34/1234/12348/123458

Race 7: Grade C. Not sure what happened to Keeper Scout (1) her last time out. The Southland shipper should be fine, although Country Agent (2) will be the biggest competition.

Trifecta: 12/12/a and 12/12457/12457

Race 10: Grade C. I keep looking at this race, but it just confuses me more. Lagro Dabrikasha (3) is running the best right now. I’d include MarvinWeihe (4) as he shows some close. Now, there’s the grade dropper Tempo Falco (2). Which will we get: The closer or the short dog?

Pick 3: 34/37/15

Quinella: 3/248

Trifecta: 34/234/23478

Race 11: Grade E. This might be a bit out there for a selection, but I like Waylon Hambone (3). It looks like he’s figured it out. K’s Declan (7) also will be in play; he could win, but probably will fall short.

Quinella: 357 box

Superfecta: 37/3578/23578/235678

Race 12: Grade B. You can toss the last race of Cry Cowboy (1). He should take this race. Superior Korbina (2) is short, and WW’s Hay Fever (7) is out of form. I’d add Little Joe Trow (5) because he can run out of the middle.

Quinella: 1/257

Trifecta: 1/5/a and 15/15/2478

Race 14: Grade D. This is an interesting race to end the card. Signs seem to point to Superior Osmosis (4) and CBR Iceman (7). However, watch out for JP Go Daddy (6) and Sprocket Drive (2); they will be in play.

Quinella: 6/247

Trifecta: 67/2467/24678

Superfecta: 67/467/2467/a