Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 7/18/2014

Profile Picture: Molly Jo Rosen

Molly Jo Rosen

July 18th, 2014

by Gary Dura

It’s a pretty good card Friday night at Dubuque Greyhound Park!

Race 1: Maiden. Some dog will have to win this race. Drink A Beer (1) prefers the inside; Eenymeenymineymo (4) showed more in schoolers than her first run.

Daily double: 14/26

Race 2: Grade TC, Dubuque Course. Hilco Tru Value (2) has posted the best times in this lineup; I’ll start with him. JD Voyage (6) is fairly new to the long course but shows promise. I think she’ll have a chance in this one.

Quinella: 2/1678

Superfecta: 26/1267/1267/125678

Race 3: Grade D. AJ’s It’s Mylife (3) looks to have the best break and rush of this group. JD Affinity (4) is a grade dropper who has shown some toughness. The interesting dog is O Ya Hawkeye (5). He shows no quit; he should hit the board.

Pick 4: 345/567/278/17

Quinella: 345 box

Superfecta: 345/345/3457/34578

Race 4: Grade B, Dubuque Course. Gable Sights (5) is a grade dropper, but has run the long course just once. I think she’s worth the risk. Boc’s One Rocket (6) and Stickers Drive (7) will be in play; both are good long-course greyhounds.

Quinella: 5/167

Trifecta: 57/1567/123567

Race 5: Grade D. KB’s Hood Winker (2) is dropping a grade, plus likes the inside. There’s not much break next to him, so he should get to the corner first. Ralph Lauren (8) has had some top finishes, but has had inside boxes. I think he’ll hit the board. Don’t ignore Tacklebox Tommy (7); he is a good Grade D runner.

Quinella: 278 box

Superfecta: 28/278/2578/123578

Race 6: Grade A, Dubuque Course. SH Kung Fu Kathy (1) is hot right now. She’ll have the edge in this one as most dogs haven’t run the long course. Alkay Sweetthing (7) will be a factor. KJO Happyclass (5) is one of the newbies, but looks like he’s got the staying power.

Quinella: 157 box

Trifecta: 17/157/15678

Superfecta: 17/157/15678/15678

Race 8: Grade TB. Killer Truman (3) is a good Grade B dog and likes the middle. His rush should be the difference. Boc’s Snow Angel (8) is another good Grade B dog; however she likes in the inside. She’ll be on the board, along with Astardeckofcards (7) and Wise (6).

Quinella: 3/678

Trifecta: 3/678 and 38/38/a

Superfecta: 36/3678/3678/123678

Race 10: Grade C. Art Of The Game (5) doesn’t have the best box, but his break should get him in good shape. Pat C Mojo (3) has won 2 in a row; will he continue to break and rush well? That could be a problem with Pixie Bones (2) next door. I’d add Ale Alicia Keyes (1) to the mix.

Pick 3: 15/27/38

Quinella: 5/136

Race 11: Grade E. PJ Flashback (2) keeps going forward and he likes the inside. His biggest concern will be EJ Allen (3) who gets out, but is short. PJ could run himself out. Keepergoodygoody (7) has been improving since moving to the regular course.

Quinella: 2/147

Trifecta: 2/7/a and 27/247/12478

Race 12: Grade A. This should be a good one. Sword And Bow (3) rushes well; if he gets out and away from Pat C Bs Dewitt (4), Bow should hit the bull’s-eye. Superior Raylen (8) is in the coveted 8 box but could have some problems getting by HL Callihan (7)

Quinella: 3/478

Trifecta: 38/38/467

Superfecta: 38/378/3478/a

Race 13: Grade B. A pair of good closers is next to each other. Roc A By Spinoff (3) and Cry Cowboy (4) will hang around through the first turn then take off. However, will they have room? For that consideration, I like Pat C Intense (6). He likes the middle and runs very well in Grade B. The dog to watch out for is O Ya Gold Rush (1) who likes the inside.

Quinella: 6/134 box

Superfecta: 36/1346/1346/134678

Race 14: Grade A. I’m leaning toward Pat C Dude (2). He likes the inside and should be cruising through the first turn. Superior Doyle (5) will push the leader, but the 5 box in this lineup could be problematic.

Quinella: 2/158

Trifecta: 2/5/a and 25/25/178