Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 7/2/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

July 2nd, 2014

by Gary Dura

A new month, a new look. That might be the motto, as I try to turn the tide after some poor picks last week.

The Wednesday matinee card, the first in July, would be a good place to start!

Race 1: Grade D. I looked at this race several times. Although I find it difficult to pick a dog as a winner that hasn’t won this season, I’ll go with WW’s Pot of Gold (2) and Jessica Pearson (6). Gold has good times and is consistent; Pearson likes the middle. A dog to watch is BS Hip Hop (8). The shipper from Southland likes the outside, but didn’t show much in her schooler.

Daily double: 26/13

Quinella: 2368 box

Superfecta: 26/2368/2368/235678

Race 2: Grade C, Dubuque Course. I’m going to Boc’s Vandekamp (3) another chance. I’ve used her in several wagers, but no luck. Marvin Weihe (1) is new to the Dubuque Course. Those dogs worry me; sometimes they stop running early. Be sure to include WW’s Oak (6) and Superior Notion (8) in the exotics.

Quinella: 3/168

Trifecta: 13/1368/123568

Race 3: Grade D. The dime pick 4 doesn’t start easy. K’s Victor (1) doesn’t quit; Launch Monitor (5) likes the middle and shows some early speed. The interesting entry is Mega Napoli (8). He’s a double grade drop and has the coveted 8 box. I’d use him.

Pick 4: 158/235/18/156

Quinella: 5/128 box

Superfecta: 15/1258/1258/124568

Race 4: Grade TA, Dubuque Course. Kay Robertson (3) gets the nod in this mixed grade race. I’d add Super C Freeda (2) and Killer Santo (5), as both are steady racers. The question is Serendipity Bonz (4). Is she coming back into form?

Quinella: 3/2458

Trifecta: 23/235/234578

Race 5: Grade D. If MV’s Cleburne (1) catches her break, she’ll be fine. This is a Grade D race, so that makes me nervous. Intrinsic (8) has been rounding into form, and that should give her the edge, plus the 7 dog doesn’t break well.

Quinella: 8/123

Race 6: Grade C. Barts Locomotion (1) likes the inside, and should win. I like Sprocket Drive (6), too. He should have some room. Add Gable Mac (5). He’s running well and can handle the middle.

Quinella: 1/568

Trifecta: 15/1568/125678 and 1568/15/125678

Race 8: Grade TD. Director PC (3) usually runs well in D, and that should continue here. My worry is the potential for a collision with O Ya Goldie (4), the only other dog with a consistent rush.

Quinella: 3/1468

Race 10: Grade C. The pick 3 starts with a tough one.  The favorite will probably be Country Agent (5), and for good reason. However, WW’s Tap Bolt (1) looks to be in a favorable spot because of her grade drop and with the slow-breaking 2 next door.

Pick 3: 15/27/25

Race 11: Grade E. If L’s Lucy Lu (2) ever has a clean run, she’d win. The dog just doesn’t quit. I’m adding K’s Velma (7). If the dogs around her stay consistent, she could have a clear path to the corner.

Quinella: 7/268

Race 12: Grade B. Wise Guy (4) has hit the board 11 of 14 races. However, he’s never been in Grade B. That’s enough to make me stay away. P Kay Jo Key (2) does pretty well in B and does prefer the inside. Gable Esme (5) is a strong dog in a tough box. However, she should overcome.

Quinella: 5/2468

Trifecta: 25/258/124568

Race 13: Grade D. Par Slippy (8) has won two in row. She doesn’t break the greatest, but rushes so well. AJ’s It’s Mylife (2) is back in his grade.

Quinella: 1238 box

Superfecta: 28/1238/1238/123678