Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 7/23/2014

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Molly Jo Rosen

July 23rd, 2014

by Gary Dura

It looks like a pretty good card Wednesday afternoon at Dubuque Greyhound Park.

It features 3 Grade A, 2 Dubuque Course and Maiden race.

Post time is 1 p.m.

Race 1: Maiden. Clarice Starling (4) makes her debut in live racing today, and I’m giving her the edge in this weak field. I would toss the last race of JD Exquisite (6); she is a good midtrack runner.

Daily double: 46/57

Quinella: 4/1678

Race 2: Grade TD, Dubuque Course. Sweet N Sassy (7) is improving and a good closer. I’m not a big fan of a first-time runner on the long course, but Wintersong (5) looks to fit the length well.

Superfecta: 57/1578/1578/135678

Quinella: 7/158

Race 3: Grade D. The dime pick 4 starts with a tough one. Hercules Bones (1) is in the right grade. Ralph Lauren (2) gets out and rushes, but just can’t seal the deal; however, in this field, there could be problems behind him and he could get the win. Be sure to use KB’s Hood Winker (8). His rush, blended with the 8 box, could be the difference.

Pick 4: 128/57/38/158

Quinella: 8/125

Superfecta: 18/1258/1258/124578

Race 4: Grade TA, Dubuque Course.  SE’s Tali Ritz (7) is the cream of the crop. She should wire this field. Rapp (5) will be in play, and could get the win if Ritz falters. If Pat C BS Lamotte (8) was inside, I’d include her.

Quinella: 7/1258

Trifecta: 7/58/a and 57/578/125678

Race 5: Grade E. Closers and low-grade races make me nervous; however, I don’t get a good feeling on any entry but WW’s Glitz (3). First Jumper (8) will have a chance if she gets an early lead.

Race 6: Grade C. I’m looking for CH Big Shooter (1) to have another strong run out of the 1 box. He usually wants inside. Jessica Pearson (8) will take advantage of the outside start. The grade riser, Boc’s Roll Tide (5), will be on the board. She likes the middle, but there are some strong breakers alongside her.

Quinella: 158 box

Trifecta: 18/158/14568

Superfecta: 18/158/1458/a

Race 7: Grade B. Superior Order (4) is in the right grade, he should win. JW’s Ironman (1) likes the inside and KC Keep Em Comin (2) is another grade dropper who should be out early here.

Quinella: 4/126

Twin trifecta: 4/126/126 and 24/1246/12468

Race 9: Grade C. The 2nd half of the twin trifecta is not easy. AJ’s Graceland (7) has been improving, so let’s start there. Barts Timenagain (8) wants to get inside, but doesn’t break very well. Superior Korbina (2) is a bit short, but her times are solid.

Twin trifecta: 7-2-8 and 2-7-8

Quinella: 278 box

Race 10: Grade B. Astardeckofcards (8) usually breaks and rushes well in B; look for a return to that. WW Fastrak Betty (1) is moving up a grade, but likes the inside. Killer Truman (3) and Privileged (5) should be used in exotics.

Pick 3: 18/47/18

Quinella: 8/135

Trifecta: 18/18/a and 8/1/a

Superfecta: 18/138/1358/a

Race 11: Grade E. Drink A Beer (4) has been on the upswing, and should continue the roll. EJ Allen (7) is a bit short, but the consistent break and rush could be beneficial if there are problems in the first turn.

Quinella: 4/567

Race 12: Grade A. Superior Product (1) isn’t in the best box, but the best dog at Dubuque should be able to overcome it. The main challenged will be from JD Heat Seeker (8). This dog also has a great rush. The pair will be battling around the track.

Trifecta: 18/18/a

Race 15: Grade A. This shapes up as a battle between Pat C BS Dewitt (6) and Boc’s Snow Angel (8). They’ll be neck-and-neck throughout.

Trifecta: 68/68/a

Superfecta: 68/168/1468/a