Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 7/30/2014

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Molly Jo Rosen

July 30th, 2014

by Gary Dura

It seems the only consistency at Dubuque Greyhound Park recently has been inconsistency.

Let’s take a look at Wednesday matinee’s card, with hopes that things settle in a bit.

The card features a maiden, 2 Dubuque Course and 2 Grade A races. Post time is 1 p.m.

Race 1: Maiden. I’m going with a couple of dogs fresh off schooling races. Pat C Apollo J (2) and Southland shipper TJ Glock Tane (8) get the nod.

Daily Double 28/17

Race 2: Grade TD, Dubuque Course. WW’s Traveling (7) keeps moving forward; she looks to be the top in this race. The Flagler shipper, Assassin (1), captures my attention, too. I would add Boc’s On Fire (6) in the exotics.

Quinella: 7/1456

Trifecta: 7/146 and 7/16/14568

Superfecta: 17/167/14567/145678

Race 3: Grade E. The dime pick 4 kicks off with a tough one. Eyes of the Wolf (2) and Slatex Marcellus (4) get out of the box and rush; that will be key. If closers are your thing, Lifes An Itch (8) would be the dog. He doesn’t break, but finds his way through the pack.

Pick 4: 248/128/17/356

Quinella: 2/468

Superfecta: 24/248/2468/a

Race 4: Grade B, Dubuque Course. KL’s Gabby Girl (1) is a solid route runner, but she’s not consistent. Boc’s Edith (8) has figured out the long course. Plus, she’s from Naples, and those dogs seem to take to the long course at Dubuque. Super C Freeda (2) has seen a lot of Grade A action lately; the grade drop could be the difference.

Quinella: 1268 box

Trifecta: 18/12568/12568

Superfecta: 18/12568/12568/123568

Race 5: Grade D. Boc’s L Wilden (7) has dropped from Grade A. He has some break, and the lower grade will give him room to roam. Slatex Hoodia (1) wants the inside; as long as she stays ahead of the 2 dog, she’ll be fine.

Quinella: 7/138

Race 6: Grade C. I’m playing break in this one. WW’s Ring Leader (5) usually breaks well in the lower grades, so that’s my play. I would add Astarstreakingby (3). He’s a bit short, but breaks well and can get ahead of trouble. If you want a 3rd dog to add, use Ale Rob (6). Xtrem Racing dogs do well out of the middle boxes.

Quinella: 356 box

Race 9: Grade C. I think the race shapes up nicely for Superior Waltz (6). The 5 breaks in and the 7 breaks slowly. Waltz should dance through the first turn at the front of the pack.

Quinella: 6/a

Race 10: Grade D. L’s Kwik Shot (1) is consistent runner, but always has problems in a race. Don’t discount Pat C Mellow (2), she breaks slowly but rushes well. AJ’s It’s Mylife (7) also should take advantage of how the dogs break around him.

Pick 3: 127/14/38

Quinella: 1/257

Race 11: Grade E. L’s Blinsky (1) returns to live racing after 2 months off. With this lineup, I see him grabbing an early lead and winning. WW’s Amigo (4) takes a while to get going, but ends up on the board.

Quinella: 146 box

Trifecta: 1/346 and 14/14/3568

Race 12: Grade A. CRV’s Starpower (3) returns after a break. He’ll be tough to beat. JD Insatiable (8) wants the inside, and he’ll get there to battle Starpower.

Quinella: 3/128

Trifecta: 3/128 and 38/38/1256

Superfecta: 38/238/1238/a

Race 14: Grade B. WW’s Tap Bolt (1) would be a good quinella play. She likes the inside.

Quinella: 1/a

Race 15: Grade A. Pat C Dude (7) gets the edge. He rushes well in A and is consistent no matter what box he starts in. JD Chillin It (5) breaks and rushes well; however, he’s a bit short. He would be a good play at the end in the exotics.

Quinella: 7/ 458

Trifecta: 7/458/24568