Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 7/8/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

July 8th, 2014

by Gary Dura

It’s time again for the dogs to run at Dubuque Greyhound Park. We’ll take a look at Wednesday’s matinee card, which features 3 Dubuque Course events and 4 Grade A races.

Race 1: Grade E. Happy Hour Hound (8) didn’t break well last time out. She usually does; I’m predicting a return to that form. WW’s Amigo (6) prefers mid-track, and has some fairly good times. He returns to the regular course today.

Daily double: 68/12

Quinella: 8/167

Race 2: Grade TC, Dubuque Course. HL’s Tangled is a double grade drop that breaks and rushes fairly well at the lower grades. I think she’s the one here. O Ya Gold Spur does well out of the inside boxes.

Race 3: Grade D. The dime pick 4 stars here. JD Bustle (1) is a bit short, but does get out in front. She should be ahead of trouble. O Ya Nicole (4) runs well enough, but just can’t finish on top. Mega Napoli (3) will be interesting: he likes the inside, but hasn’t had an inside box in quite a while. On a hunch, I’d include him.

Pick 4: 134/68/234/247

Quinella: 4/1367

Trifecta: 4/1/a and 14/14/3678

Race 4: Grade B, Dubuque Course. WS Mr Pibb (6) has dropped a grade, and last time in a TB, won handily. He’s in a good spot here. A pair of closers, Stickers Drive (2) and AJ Cheramieamour (4), is moving to the long course. My heart says include them; my head says otherwise. I have a feeling I’ll regret that decision. Rapp (8) has put together some great runs; he’ll be in play.

Quinella: 6/248

Superfecta: 68/2468/2468/124568

Race 5: Grade C. JD Affinity (3) is running better, and doesn’t quit. Trust Red Ryder (2) is better than he showed last time out. WW’s Captivated (4) has the break; will she today.

Quinella: 3/248

Race 6: Grade A, Dubuque Course. B’s Graciebswift (4) moves back to the course. She won on it earlier this season. Sprite Drive (2) is a closing machine and Kat Robertson (7) doesn’t quit. Be sure to use Go Lucky Ashlee (5) in the exotics.

Quinella: 4/2578

Superfecta: 4/2578/2578/125678 and 47/247/2457/a

Race 8: Grade TB. Wise (3) has a chance for a clear path to the first corner. Pat C Chip Ahoy (6) might struggle early, but his close should get him on the board. Cals Shadow Lake (7) is going up a grade, but didn’t do well out of that box in Grade E.

Quinella: 3/267

Trifecta: 36/367/235678

Race 9: Grade C. O Ya Gold Rush (1) has won 2 races, both in Grade C. Boc’s L Wilden (3) also is back in a favored grade, and I give him the nod based on rush.

Quinella: 135 box

Race 10: Grade A. The pick 3 opener includes Pretty Mckenna (1), who should have a clean run to the corner with no break next to her. I’d include KC Keep Em Comin (4) simply because he rushes so well.

Pick 3: 14/68/7(2)

Quinella: 1/458

Race 11: Grade D. This is a tough one. BP Mega (6) looks best in the field and her last win was in Grade D. However, she is in the 6 box. I’m going to take a flier on Smart Chic (8). I think the bad break last time in the 8 box was a fluke.

Quinella: 678 box

Race 12: Grade A. Superior Kotton (7) breaks and rushes well. I see her winning her 4th in a row. The only other dog that concerns me is WW’s Burn (2). He’ll need to get out fast to have a chance.

Trifecta: 7/2/a and 27/27/1368

Race 13: Grade C. The grade-dropper, AJ’s Jozie Jay (3) should hit the board, and could dominate this field.

Race 15: Grade A. Winston Wishbone (7) wants to move toward the inside, and with his break should get there. Mymotorsrunnin (6) will be in play as usual. Watch out for Pat C BS Dewitt (3). He has been improving as of late.

Quinella: 7/136

Trifecta: 37/37/1268 and 7/3/a

Superfecta: 37/367/1357/a