Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 8/1/2014

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Molly Jo Rosen

August 1st, 2014

by Gary Dura

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One of the highlights of tonight’s card at Dubuque Greyhound Park is the force out of the twin trifecta.

The carryover starts at $$1,858.

The card features a maiden, 2 Dubuque Course and 1 Grade A race.

Race 1: Maiden. I’m focusing on the middle for the first half of the daily double. JD Exquisite (4) is short, but there isn’t much rush. The only other dog that shows decent rush is Jealous (7).

Daily double: 47/46

Quinella: 7/456

Race 2: Grade D, Dubuque Course. I’m trying to figure out which dog will fade the least. I’d start with Wintersong (6); she shows some close. I’ll add MV’s Connie (4). She has had a couple of tough runs late; she just might hold on.

Race 3: Grade D. The pick 4 starts here. Delavan Drive (1) has been hitting the board in his last 2; his break should help that streak continue. Super C Wanda (3) will be a player in the race. Slatex Pocono (6) has the best rush and should be ahead of trouble.

Pick 4: 136/457/17/25(4)

Quinella: 6/137

Trifecta: 6/137/12378 and 16/136/123678

Superfecta: 16/136/1367/123678

Race 4: Grade C Dubuque Course. Keeper Scout (4) hasn’t run the long course yet; that’s not going to stop me from using her. She’s in the right grade. JD Voyage (7) hangs around the front. She has a good chance in this one. Add Boc’s Snowsquall (5) because he’s a strong midtrack runner.

Quinella: 3457 box

Trifecta: 47/3457/23457

Race 5: Grade C. All button anyone? CBR Iceman (7) looks to be swinging into form. He wants inside, but should get there. Add in CRV’s Star Like (1); he likes the inside.

Quinella: 7/1238

Trifecta: 7/1/a; 17/17/238

Race 6: Grade D. Things add up for WW’s Calculator (2). She likes inside and has a good break and rush. Yes, she’s moving up a grade, but there’s little break around her. I’m going to support T’s Flyin High (5). He does break and rush well in D. If you want, add in Par Slippy (4).

Quinella: 2/457

Race 7: Grade E. It’s the first half of the twin trifecta, and no one said it would be easy. My Lucky Dawg (3) gets a slight edge. Hilco Style (2) will be in the mix, as she’s dropping grade and has a Grade E win already. The question is Shiverin Shay (6). He, too, is dropping in grade, and that could be his boon. FF Whiskey (7) fades, but will be in the mix. How far will he fade?

Twin tri: 3/2/a, 23/23/1678, 23/123/123678

Race 9: Grade D. The grade dropper, Barts Twitter (8), has the favorable box. If he gets any break at all, he’ll be fine. KB’s Lone Wolf (2) wants the inside, and hasn’t started from an inside box in a while. Now it gets tougher: K’s Aubrey (3) and Peace Frog (4) are equal in my eyes. However, the close of Frog gets the edge.

Twin tri: 8-2-3, 8-3-2

Quinella: 8/234

Race 10: Grade E. The grade-dropping Barb N Beatrice (4) gets the nod in this weak race. Hilco Kiss Me (1) likes the inside and should be near the front at the first turn.

Pick 3: 14/37/28

Quinella: 124 box

Race 11: Grade D. The signs point to Director PC (3); he breaks well and there is little break around him. As a flyer, I like JP Go Daddy (7). His break will help, plus he shows some close.

Quinella: 3/478

Superfecta: 37/378/3478/a

Race 12: Grade A. I’d love to take Superior Doyle (4), but she’s in the wrong box. However, add her in the exotics. Boc’s Gomer Pyle (2) wants inside and finishes strong. As a hunch, add Akay Tim Duncan (8). His break could work well with the outside box.

Quinella: 2/3458

Trifecta: 2/458 and 2/3458/3458

Race 14: Grade B. HL’s Callihan (3) prefers the middle and Grade B. He’s got both here. L Sully (8) is dropping a grade and will be a good play because she doesn’t quit.

Quinella: 3/678

Trifecta: 38/3678/135678

Superfecta: 38/368/3678/135678