Greyhound Preview: Dubuque for 8/8/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

August 8th, 2014

by Gary Dura

We’ll take a look at a few races on Friday night’s card at Dubuque Greyhound Park.

But first, for your calendar: The Dubuque Classic starts. The long-course stakes takes place each Saturday night in August.

It features 32 greyhounds. The field will be cut to 16 after the Aug. 16 second round, and eight after the Aug. 23 third round. The finals are Aug. 30.

The total purse is $55,000, with $22,000 going to the winner and $11,000 to the runner-up.

You can follow the standings at

Now for tonight’s card:

Race 1: Grade D. Boc’s Billy Bob (8) should have a good path to the corner. I’d add T’s Flyin High (2) because he will be out early. He can win if there’s trouble behind him.

Daily double: 28/48

Quinella: 8/1258

Race 2: Grade E, Dubuque Course. Sweet N Sassy (8) looks to be the class in this field. Pay The Lady (4) is new to the route; add her to any exotic.

Superfecta: 48/148/1478/a

Race 3: Grade D. Gable Twitter (5) is dropping down and likes the mid-track.  JP Top Gun (8) will get a boost from the 7 dog’s break.

Pick 4: 58/345/13/47

Quinella: 578 box

Trifecta: 58/58/1247 and 5/8/a

Race 4: Grade C. I like the position First Jumper (3) is in. The inside dogs break in opposite directions; and the 4 can be slow out of the box. I am worried about PJ Getplayed (5): She breaks well and likes the middle. She also is coming into form.

Quinella: 3/a

Superfecta: 34/345/3457/a

Race 5: Grade D. Chase Bossybetty (1) likes the inside and is in the grade she is best running in. Add Wise Guy (3), as he’s dropping, but is better than he’s been showing.

Quinella: 135 box

Trifecta: 13/135/a

Race 6: Grade B. This is a tough way to end the pick 4. WW Fastrak Betty (4) will be a factor. Gable Mac (7) wants inside, but has a legitimate chance to make it.

Quinella: 2478

Superfecta: 47/2478/12478

Race 8: Grade TB. Pat C Samurai (3) would be a good play for the quinella.

Quinella: 3/a

Race 10: Grade C. I’m learning toward Fitzwater (4) and UB Truckstop Bob (8). Fitzwater can handle the tough starting box, and Bob will have a good path to the corner.

Pick 3: 48/2/37(6)

Race 11: Grade E. Wow, this is tough one. Boc’s Snow Flake (2), from Southland, keeps going forward. I think she’s the best of the group.

Quinella: 2/a

Race 12: Grade A. Pat C Dark Ciena (3) is on a roll. That should continue.  Ciena should be able to handle Superior Doyle (7), who doesn’t have the best box to start from. O Ya Cindra (6) is back. She wants inside, though. She could be added if you’d like.

Quinella: 378 box

Trifecta: 37/378/a and 3/7/a

Superfecta: 37/3678/3678/a