Greyhound Preview for 6/4/2014

Profile Picture: Molly Jo Rosen

Molly Jo Rosen

June 4th, 2014

by Gary Dura

We’ll take a look at the first Wednesday of June card at Dubuque Greyhound Park.

Race 1: Maiden. Outta Here (5) likes the middle, and should have a clear break. Cals Shadow Lake (1) is in a good spot, too.

Daily Double: 15/24

Race 2: Grade E. In lower grade races I prefer dogs that get out, then take my chances from there. L’s Eddie B (2) and RJ’s Emmit (4) fit the bill.

Trifecta: 24/245/12458

Superfecta: 24/245/2458/a

Race 3: Maiden. The dime pick 4 starts off here. Big Red Rambo (2) and Breezy Ridge (4) both are improving. Boc’s Patchi (6) could be in play, but is a little short, and the 6 box is a tough one. Your choice of using her; I’d go with her only in exotics.

Pick 4: 24/246/15/158

Superfecta: 24/246/234567/234567 and 246/246/2345/234567

Quinella: 2/4567

Race 4: Grade TA, Dubuque Course. Seredipity Bonz (2) or Boc’s One Rocket (6) are the tops. One of them should get its first Grade A win. Real Soon (4) likes the middle. However, she needs a clean break. I’d add her to the wager.

Quinella: 2/4567

Race 5. Grade C. Superior Panama makes his return. He’s in the 5 box, but there’s not much break around him. Based on the schoolers, the rest has helped him. Bee Nice (1) should get play; a grade dropper and inside fan.

Quinella: 5/1348

Trifecta: 5/1348 and 5/1/a

Superfecta: 15/135/1358/a

Race 6: Grade E. JP Go Daddy (5) and Good Toy (8) look best. However, watch out for O Ya Gizmo (1). Good break and should have an easier run out of the 1 box, especially since the 2 doesn’t rush well.

Superfecta: 158/158/1358/134568

Race 7: Grade B. The play here should include Super C Freeda (5). She likes the middle and is running well right now. Watch the odds; might catch a nice quinella or trifecta with this one.

Race 9: Grade C. Superior Order (3) will be the betting favorite. Watch out for the grade dropper Tickled Silly (7). She was in a couple of tougher Grade Bs before dropping.

Quinella: 3/578

Race 10: Grade A. The kickoff to the pick 3 is a tricky one. Winston Wishbone (1) is where he likes; however, he can be a bit short. Sylus Drive (4) is back from the Dubuque Course. Superior Kellog (3) has stumbled a bit recently. I’m going with Kellog to rally. Watch out for O Ya Chance; be sure to use him in the exotics.

Pick 3: 13/34/1(4)

Trifecta: 13/134/1234/a

Superfecta: 13/134/12345

Race 11: Grade D. I’d lean toward the 3, Martha May, and 4, JD Debutante. Martha keeps improving and is due. Debutante is a double grade drop.

Race 12: Grade A. You can probably single Pat C Sabbath (1). He likes inside and closes strong. If you want a backup, go with Cry Cowboy (4).

Quinella: 1/a

Trifecta: 1/4/a; 1/a/4

Race 14: Grade B. JD Happy Tears (4) is in the right grade, wrong box. She can win from here, but it will be tough. I would use as a quinella.

Quinella: 4/a