Greyhound Preview: Palm Beach for 4/26/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

April 26th, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

The waiting is over and the Puppy Stakes Final is upon us at Palm Beach. Many storylines for this one but none bigger than the 3 brothers Storm Control, Ghost Buster and Juggernaut from owner Steve Schlachter all making the Final.  Here are the eight finalists and the chance I am giving them to win the title for the 2014 Puppy Stakes at “The Beach.”

The Favorites

#3 Storm Control ~  B & B Racing ~ Owner Steve Schlachter

Will be the race time favorite and should be. Has finished first or second in every qualifier and just went 29.55 sec for the 6 length win last time out. Hasn’t won consecutive races in over a month, which could be a factor in this one. Wouldn’t surprise anybody if he takes the title though.

#6 Ghost Buster ~ B & B Racing ~ Owner Steve Schlachter

Was undefeated in qualifying up until the semi-finals last time out. Has the best close of this field and could be up with the best at this track overall. If he gets a break out of the box and is in the mix, the W probably goes to this racer. Has the most wins on the season of this field with 16. If he doesn’t win, should absolutely be in the money.

#1 Juggernaut ~ B & B Racing ~ Owner Steve Schlachter

My pick to win it all at the beginning of this tournament and I am not switching my pick now.  Has won 50% of his races on his young career and also possesses a dynamic close just like his brother Ghost Buster. Getting the 1 box in the Final could just be what he needs to pull the upset over his brothers, as he is undefeated all time on the rail (2-0.)

The Next Best

#2 BL Booster Gold ~ Rader Racing ~ Owner Norm Rader

Won twice in qualifying and finished second to Storm Control in the semis. Has a solid rush and a decent close, but really got the short end of the stick sitting right next to Storm Control.

#7 Kiowa Leer Lee ~ Douglas Racing ~ Owner J. Sherck.

Has two wins in qualifying and does flip the lid very nicely out of the box. Possibly could get the lead early with Storm Control. Problem is that his times have gone up the last four races and has too much class in this race to take seriously for the W.

# 5 Jawa Howa ~ Rader Racing ~ Owners Norm Rader &             S. Pfannen

Has two wins in qualifying and 38% win percentage on the year. Out of all the longshots, this one I feel has the best chance to pull the shocker.

Huge Longshots

#8 Speaking Of ~ Agganis Kennel ~ Owner Michael E. Stout

Gets the prime box but doesn’t have the rush to compete with the early breakers here. Will need a major pileup from the frontrunners to have a chance here.

#4 PJ Triggerfinger ~ Agganis Kennel ~ Owners V. Rangel & P.Bit

Pulled the 25-1 longshot win in the semifinals but I would be shocked if that happened again here. Has the lightest win percentage (15%) of this field.

Picks: Winner - #1 Juggernaut Place - #3 Storm Control Show - # 6 Ghost Buster