Greyhound Preview: Palm Beach for 4/9/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

April 9th, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

One of the 6 major Stakes tournaments starts today at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. The $20,000 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes gets going with a field of 56 youngsters flying around the 545 Yard Royal Palm Course and will conclude with the Final on Saturday, April 26th.  I will highlight the top racers I believe I have a chance to win the whole the championship, along with some surprise hounds that could steal it:

The Favorites

Storm Control- B & B Racing

One of the top Grade A racers here currently. Has 13 wins for owner Steve Schlacter and can pop the lid with any greyhound here.  Is coming into the tournament on a bit of a cold streak, with no wins in his last 3 races. 29.36 sec best time on the 545 yard course is the best of this field.

Juggernaut- B & B Racing

6 wins in 12 races since transferring from Southland and has already blazed a 29.39 sec run. Quickly rose up the Grade ladder and has two “A” wins already. Has some serious fire to his step at the wire and should be a treat to watch in this tournament.

Ghost Buster - B & B Racing

How good are you feeling going into this tournament if you are owner Steve Schlacter? You own my three favorites to win the whole thing with Storm Control, Juggernaut and this Stakes tested racer named Ghost Buster. All are littermates and make up one of the best group of siblings I have seen in some time. Ghost Buster is now in his 3rd Stakes tournament of the season, but really shines in the longer 660 yard distance. With the experience this racer has and 13 wins already this season, you could see Ghost Buster in the winner’s circle after the Final.

Next Best

Zonked - North Shore Kennel

74% in the money and has finished first or second in the top grade the last 5 races.

CRT Leyla - Champions Racing Team

A constant in the top grade for four months. Had three wins in the month of March and bolted a 29.37 sec win on 3/28. 

Submariner - B & B Racing

3 wins in the top grade during March racing, with a 29.55 sec best time on 3/21. Another sibling in the litter mentioned with Juggernaut, Ghost Buster and Storm Control.

Ninis Chipotle – Rader Racing

Probably the best chance Rader Racing has to win the tournament. This racer can show a dynamic rush if he gets a quality box assignment.

PJ Smoke Em Out- Agganis Kennel

Has one of the best rushes to crush in the tournament. When you have that kind of speed out of the box at this track, anything can happen.

Others to Watch

HS Bridezilla, Wippasnappa, Palm City Calico, HS Bobaruskee, Kiowa Leer Lee, NB’s Smarty Boy, Winta Jackal, BL Booster Gold, Power Nap, Wuh Chowt

My Pick

I think owner Steve Schlacter and B & B Racing win this Stakes title but with what racer? The public will go with Storm Control but I believe that Juggernaut is running better than the other 55 races competing.  Should be a new star of this track after the Final.

Upset Pick: Zonked

Enjoy watching one of the best Stakes events of the season at The Palm Beach Kennel Club. Good luck teams!