Greyhound Preview: Palm Beach for 5/10/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

May 10th, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

Superstar Saturday is upon us and the racing should be awesome all day long at Palm Beach.  Three top class races highlight the action, but there is also some up and coming racers to keep your eye on this afternoon as well.  Here are the top races I will be following for the Matinee at “The Beach.”

Race 10 Grade C 545 Yards

#4 Newbury Street from owner Steve Sarras is the rookie to watch in this one.  Has won in convincing style her first three races and now gets her first real test of her career. Lots of experience in this one as             #7 JS Tinker Belle is a former A Grader who could be dangerous and #8 Kiowa Rogers has been around the oval 72 times already this season. Going with the hot kid in this one because of how well she has looked in her young career. The famous Boston road Newbury Street gets 4 straight here. Ladder alert!

Picks: 4 - 7 - 8 - 6

Race 12 Grade A 545 Yards

The first of three Grade A classics starts with this one and we get to see one of the best rushers this track has in #7 Super C Roxee from B & B Racing. One of the best lid flippers here but is notorious for being short at go time.  Looking for a closer to catch the early speedster is the key but I’m not finding one in this race.  #1 Kafull has the prime box but is light on the win percentage this season. Roxee gets her 24th win on the season, good for Top 5 among all racers this season here for wins.

Picks: 7 - 1 - 2 - 6

Race 14 Grade A 545 Yards

Is this the day that super rookie #6 Tebucky Jones gets his first Grade A win?  I’m planning on it.  #2 PJ Smoke Em Out has serious fire out of the box but has coughed up the lead more than a few times this season.  The Patriots namesake Tebucky Jones closes out the early burner at the end to gets his first top class win.

Picks: 6 - 2 - 3 - 4

Race 15 Grade TA 660 Yards

With most of the Derby Finalists transferring to Southland (Flying Zinc, Ghost Buster, PJ Timeless) #1 Flying The Who from the Royal Racing Team is arguably the best long distance racer still here at Palm Beach. Has finished in the Quinela in six straight and gets the prime 1 box to fire out of here against a very beatable field. Has also four of five wins all time in this 1 box. #3 Dawlee is coming off an upset victory last time out but I only like to hit the back of the ticket in this one. Flying The Who continues her dominance in the 660 and gets her 14th season win.

Picks: 1 - 3 - 6 - 5

Top Pick Race 15 - #1 Flying The Who