Greyhound Preview: Palm Beach for 6/12/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

June 12th, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

The Thursday action at Palm Beach will be fantastic, with 15 races to watch and play today. Many of the top lid flippers at this track will be on display, including Jawa Bruiser and Super C Roxee.  One of the best announcers in the country Mike Jameson will be calling home winners all afternoon long.

Here are the top races I will be following for the Matinee at “The Beach.”

Race 6 Grade B 545 Yards

Wide open field here.  #1 Pat C Blackout from owner Patrick Collins has been a consistent top grade talent this season and shouldn’t be in this lower class for long.  Gets the prime 1 box to fire out of and has the fastest time this season of this field (29.46 secs.)

Blackout’s main threat will come from Rader Racing’s #3 Yahoo Diablo.  Another consistent top grade talent, is a 64% board hitter and absolutely should be on any Quin/Tri/Super play you are going with.

Up and comer #5 Aerial Snoopy is a hot puppy prospect to watch out for, with 5 wins in just 11 career races and could steal this race if there is any trouble.

Blackout gets back to Grade A where she belongs.

Picks: 1 - 3 - 8 - 5

Race 12 Grade B 545 Yards

The rematch is on in this one.

#1 Kebo Kool Taboga just got edged by #4 Jawa Bruiser from the Royal Racing Team last time out. Taboga has won 4 of 6 from this inside box on the season and Bruiser is one of the more consistent backstretch leaders at this track. There is no doubt these two will again be battling for the W in this one.

Bruiser will be going for win # 14 this season but really pulls off the gas at go time. More leads have been coughed up by this racer than any other greyhound here this year.

Taboga gets some payback for last time out and gets Bruiser at the wire this time.

Picks: 1 - 4 - 8 - 6

Race 14 Grade A 545 Yards

The race of the day without a doubt.

Early speed is the game in this one, as the leader at the break is likely your winner here.

#4 Daphne Zuniga from the Brindle Kennel has been on absolute fire since returning from Hollywood. Has finished in the Trifecta in seven straight and has been blistering times well below 30 seconds.

Will have to contend with fellow early steppers #2 Super C Roxee going for win #25 this season and #3 JS Angel Touch from owner Shannon Henry, going for three straight.

The Melrose Place actress namesake Daphne Zuniga gets to the corner first and takes the victory.

Picks: 4 - 2 - 8 - 3

Top Pick Race 12 - #1 Kebo Kool Taboga