Greyhound Preview: Palm Beach for 7/2/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

July 2nd, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

We are under way into the new season at Palm Beach.  With the greatest season of all time wrapped up here, the new season is sure to bring more rivalries, story lines and dramatic finishes all over again.  Can’t wait to see what happens.

Getting the Wednesday Matinee action going, here are the top races I will be following today at “The Beach.”

Race 6 Grade A 545 Yards

#8 Atascocita Padua from Suncoast Racing loves the prime 8 box.

She has won an astounding 90% of the time in this box. In fact, out of the 12 wins she had last season, 9 of them were in this setup.  To say I think she has a great chance today for the W would be an understatement.

Competitive field will put some pressure on Padua.  #1 Budz Flame from the Douglas Racing Team is coming off two straight wins, with well under 30 secs times and gets to fire from the inside where he likes it best.  Hot shot rookie #6 Storm Brogan is also coming off a victory and has been in the money in 10 of 12 races in his young career.  Must be on your ticket.

Padua continues her dominance out of the 8 box and gets the win here.

Picks: 8 - 6 - 1 - 4

Race 14 Grade A 545 Yards

#8 Atascocita Golda is coming off an impressive season. With 28 wins, good for 3rd place overall at Palm Beach, she was a must watch for me every time she was on the card.

Golda gets a nice setup on the outside in this one.  She has the best rush of this field and will have a lot of room to take this race over quickly.  Does have a little bit of a fade at the end in her game, but I’m not seeing any closers in this field that can catch.

Golda’s main threat for the W is #4 Ninis Chipotle, from last season’s Kennel Champion Rader Racing.  Just missed out for the win last time out and has hit the ticket in 9 straight.

#2 CrazyZorro is the wildcard.  A 23% winner but is all over the place as far as performance.  You either are going to get a stellar run, or a dud.  I’m putting him on my ticket cautiously.

Golda gets the new season going with what she did best last year….win.

Picks: 8 - 4 - 2 - 1

Race 15 Grade TA 660

The finale turns to the Pat C Rendezvous 660 yard course, where there are a few options to go with.

The thing that immediately jumped off the page is that this is a TA race with only one A grader actually in it, #7 PJ RedneckCrazy.  Is coming off 3 straight victories and times have dropped the last 6 races since joining this new distance.

Top transfer from Melbourne Park #1 Precious Savage from owner Norm Rader is coming off a blazing schooling win and gets the prime 1 box to fire out of.  Is brand new to this distance and will be interesting to see how she responds in a full field of 8.

RedNeckCrazy stays hot and gets his fourth straight win.

Picks: 7 - 1 - 2 - 4 

Top Pick Race 6- #8 Atascocita Padua