Greyhound Preview: Palm Beach for 7/23/2014

Molly Jo Rosen

July 23rd, 2014

by Palm Beach Jason

Fantastic card is ready to go for the Wednesday racing action at Palm Beach.  Three top Grade A races highlight the lineup that includes hot shot rookie Oaks Tony Roman in Race 14.  Should be a great card to watch and play all afternoon long.

Here are the top races I will be following for the Matinee at “The Beach.”

Race 6 Grade B 545 Yards

No more excuses for #4 Superior Philly.

The B & B former A grader has been in this lower class longer then she should be.  One of more competitive racers in the top circuit last season, she is setup to go in this one. Loves mid-track and is coming off two straight Place finishes.

#7 Flying Redstripe from Steve Gilster’s Kennel poses the biggest challenge to stopping Philly. A 50% all time board hitter, it’s a safe play that she will be in the money.

The best early burn comes from #1 Wanda’s Williams, who can be short when it comes to go time down the stretch, but the prime box should get her on the board.

Superior Philly gets back to the top class where she belongs.

Picks 4-7-1-6

Race 14 Grade A 545 Yards

#2 Oaks Tony Roman from top Kennel Rader Racing has had an impressive start to his career. Already 7 wins in just 20 starts, he has been consistently blazing under 30 second races the past two months.  Has flip flopped wins and places in his last 6 races.  Great rush and a stellar close make this greyhound one to watch in the top grade.

#1 Ultimate Judge could jeopardize Roman’s walk to the winner’s circle today.  Has the best pop out of the box of this field and just won out of this box on 7/13.

Welcome back to Palm Beach #8 Killer Sunshine from B & B Racing, who was one of the top 660 yard races last season here and is coming off an extended break.

Tony Roman puts in another solid performance and gets the W in this one.

Picks 2-1-8-6

Race 15 Grade TA 660 Yards

Great finale coming up here.

The 3/8ths mile is more wide open right now then I have seen in quite some time.  No racer has been able to dominate this course, leaving the door open for anybody to win in the top grade.

#8 Budz Lava Girl will be your leader to start off.  Has great early speed, but at this distance she has been way short.  That’s when you start looking for closers.

#1 Atascocita Genie from Suncoast Racing is setup nicely. Gets the best box for this distance and does have the late fire to reel in Lava Girl.  Last time Genie was in the inside boxes, she bolted a 10 length win.  Look out for #7 Verdun, who is coming off two straight W’s and loves the outside.

Genie grants me my wish for a win here and takes home her second victory of the season.

Picks 1-8-7-3

Top Pick Race 14 - #2 Oaks Tony Roman