Weather and Stats in Greyhound Handicapping

Bluffs Run Greyhound Park is in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It gets mighty cold in Iowa in the winter. What with the wind blowing up to 60 miles an hour across the wide open spaces and the temperature falling to below freezing, the wind chill a couple of weeks ago was dangerously low.

Some programs were canceled to protect the health of the greyhounds and some ran when the weather wasn't quite as bad. I watched the races that ran, but I didn't play them, because I don't like to bet when the weather is such a factor in determining who will come out on top. But after a week or so, the weather warmed and I thought I'd get back to handicapping Bluffs Run.

That's when I realized something. I use the free tip sheet for Bluffs Run and also Stat Force and Stat Attack sheets. If you haven't tried them, I recommend that you do. I find that they help me focus on the important factors of handicapping when I use them along with my own systems.

As I went over the last lines on the dogs at Bluffs Run, something occurred to me. The lines I was looking at - the last couple of races - weren't typical for these dogs. Some of the races were run in very frigid conditions, while some of them weren't. Statistics are very well, but they need to be gathered under similar conditions for them to tell me what I need to know to handicap greyhound races.

I decided not to bet, but just to keep track of what happened to the dogs I would have picked, based on my usual method of handicapping, which uses statistics from several sources. Well, I didn't do too well and was happy that I hadn't actually put money on my picks.

This week, there have been enough races in weather that is considered normal for Iowa in the winter. It’s still very cold, but not with dangerously low wind chills. The dogs at Bluffs Run are used to cold weather, because they run there year 'round. A brief run around the track when the temperatures are in the 30's or even the 20's doesn't faze them. They're running true to form and my handicapping has improved immensely.

Unfortunately, the weather mavens are predicting more horrendously cold weather for the Midwest, so I suppose the stats will be skewed by it for another stretch. That's when I'll turn my attention to Palm Beach and the other Florida tracks where the weather is comparatively balmy this time of year. I guess that's only fair though, because it's the opposite in the summer time.

That's when it gets so hot in Florida, especially at Flagler and the south Florida tracks, that I quit following them and start concentrating on Wheeling and Bluffs Run where the weather is cooler.